5 bad lies I tell everytime

Heya Satz , I am so happy you're here . You're a lucky day because Blogger just happened to be "offline" all Thursday to Friday yet I was crying out loud (COL vs LOL)
So here I am again to read & write again . Hip hip hurrah!!!!!
But seriously , I was blank what to write! #GoAwayWritersBlock
If I had a good excuse , like "I have been SO busy is school , writing my destiny with a pen with no ink"
or " I am sleeping and writing it in a dream" (<--- I lie or perhaps technology has gone so advance that our dream can be written on a post page)
But I would write my own bad lies , there're many  top 5.
1- I didn't have time to do XYZ !
It's honestly because two reasons . 1st , I really didn't have time . 2nd , I didn't want to waste my time. In case you had read my planner , my bad lie has got caught . But lezbehonest , I am a bad lier .

2- Everything will be fine .
It's something I say to myself as well . But I can't mean it . I'm already so indecisive about "when everything will be fine" . So if I have said it to someone , it should be a lie , unless I mention it clearly in MY STYLE.

3-  I hate potatoes :
NOOOO!! I couldn't live without it . When Ellie said all that she hates potato . I was near tears . But in one case , I can speak it in a wrapped lie . When....mum (or anyone) has cooked potato with eggs . I am an anti-eggo so if someone's presenting me eggs & potato . I will leave it to my #3rd lie.
4- Social medias are useless :
How many times I have said I am an obsessed person over social medias? Phew , sometimes I just have to say it . When I am asked my facebook by someone I just don't to add . I have to lie #LieLikeABoss

Someday I may add you as a Facebook friend
But sorry myself , I still love Twitter & I can't lie over it.  Come and meet me there , convo convo.

5- Music , huh?
I am a music person . My tablet , laptop , alarm, t.v , juicer , microwave , everything  is set on the loudest tunes EVER . But when I am in car with dad & family , I have to be a liar .....
"Dad , it's all right . I don't listen to music that loud" . WHY WHY WHY ?? I lied because I didn't want to let him know I am a music freak . I still say why . But perhaps I rest my case , he doesn't have a good music choice . Oh dear old man . I still love you!
Lisa's blog is ah-wosome . She has lots of beauty goodies to show off , yet travel anecdotes to read . I am sure you'd never get bored over there . Go meet her then ;)

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  1. Nice post Noor! The potato thing was so random (lol). Enjoy your saturday dear!

  2. Yah - I am obsessed with social media too. Only for news purposes only though. And I love potatoes! Baked, fried... scalloped! ALL!!!!!!

    (that miley gif makes me sad for her LOL)

  3. LOL... Great post. I think #2, is not such a bad lie. It is a coping lie. If you believe everything will be alright, maybe it will be.

  4. number 4. i love social media!

    - Janine

  5. Ohh potatoes and I do not have a good relationship...this is true :(

  6. Number 2 is my favorite! We all say that all the time even tho we know it is absolutely not going to be fine! I personally gave up on saying it and rather speak the truth.

  7. Very funny and candid post. Be careful now, so you don't catch yourself using these lies on people who read your blog!

  8. Lol, I think we're all guilty of doing these things. It's human nature....can't get away from it!

    ~Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

  9. I love liars :P but you're not a liar...you just confessed everything, which is a good thing :)

  10. I think we all tell our little white lies. You just admitted to yours. :)

  11. I think everybody tells lies. I do not believe that everyone is 100% honest all the time. If we did, it would hurt people's feelings.
    Example: Do you like this dress?
    NO it looks like crap
    See, hurt feelings :)

  12. I don't think saying everything will be fine is a lie per say..It's habit or something that flies out of our mouths. Everyone says it. It's better than saying oh crap bad stuff is gonna happen or "it's going to get much worse' We say it with hope and a way to cope !

  13. hahah at the do not have a facebook thing! great one. that usually happens to me when a creepy guy is trying to talk to me!

  14. Great post. In reality you aren't really lying when you tell yourself things will be alright because they will be. It may not seem it at the time but it does come out in the wash (so to speak). I used to think when I hit a certain age my life would be magical...it didn't happen. Life is life and you just have to cope and deal with it the best way you can. As they say, fake it until you make it.

  15. I've always been a terrible liar too. I can remember getting myself in trouble as a teenager when my mother used to ask me where I had been and what I had been doing. I tend to tell the truth more than anything since I know I'm so bad at lying.

  16. We all tell lies !!! What do I lie about? I lie about how I really feel. My mother in law asks me if her playing the same song over and over again on her Iphone is annoying? I say... Noooooooooo, it's fine. (in a high pitched voice, twitching in complete irritability!)

  17. White lies are okay. Its the big ones that can really hurt people that aren't.

  18. I share a lot of lies with you :D


  19. I have never been a good liar! Never had to take a lie detector teat! Thank goodness! I'd probably flunk it even if I didn't do anything! And, I Love potatoes! Mainly fried potato skins! My favorite! But eggs, can only eat 'em fried! Great post! & I wish we could dream write our posts!:-)


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