10 things I learned in sweet sixteen

It's almost buried in history that I marked my sweet sixteen . Whateva , it hasn't been years , not even a month but I feel like I have learned lots of stuff a sixteen should know (perhaps more but I just don't wanna grab).

1- People will call you grown up :
I was going in a school meeting where a lady stopped me & asked about office info . I really didn't know much so I just told her I didn't know . She said : " You're a big girl . But it looks like you don't know much . Learn like a good grown up."
My heart started COL (crying out loud) just after she left . Am....I....a...GROWN UP? No please , I am still a kid . I buy candies , I play pranks . I am not a "grown up" just yet.

2- Selfies will become awkward :
You grab your phone/tab/iPad/iPhone/T.V(oh over rated) and take a pose in front of mirror . It's simple selfie . But not anymore !!!! I am already warning . People think kids over sixteen look awkward while doing mirror selfies . Burst the myth , it's not . Everyone's got the right to do a selfies.

3- Counted pocket money :
In stores , I always spot little kids picking up everything & putting it in basket with angel innocent face , saying : Can I have it mom?" . Of course mom says yes & she pays the bill . Wonderful .
These days are left behind . We get a handful pocket money and it has to be pocket money . Seriosuly , my hands are quite dirty when it comes to shopping , I couldn't manage a counted pocket money . But as I am growing ( secretly hoping it will grow too , haha)

4- Scary wedding talk :
Everyone else (married or not) now seems to have a "good guide to weds" whenever they see me . Or my fellows . It's such a good thing in common (annoying secretly) , ummm like how many good people are here to help us in a big decision that's ....a few YEARS far away? Oh yep! Okay okay , we will be good enough to manage then but not now . Please?

5- FAAAAAAT & Weight :
I dunno when we can't open a food chain in this age so worried over weight? I hate being asked : "Am I looking fat?" Oh no , you're not . You shouldn't be weight-conscious . Well , you should if it's about 20/30 lbs but not on 0.5 lbs . Tell me I am right . One good thing I hear about young peeps is that it's the age to eat & greet . So move on move on , I have to eat a pie first.

6- Driving , whoosh :
One should be 18 to drive , right? Good things come slower (or very , very slower) but at sixteen , you know you can have a good driving class as for initials . Hurrah . Little did I know this benefit? NO
So now if I grab a bunch of keys & jump around my house without slippers . My neighbour should be here to congratulate me over my driving craziness.

7- Junior vs Senior :
Since I hated being a junior while seeing the good karmas for seniors . I eventually learned there's NO junior vs senior thing that exists . Everyone's a junior at first , then a senior at last . Everyone's got their places by time . So without kidding , I realize the foolish plans we once made to overcome the seniors . Sorry guys , we were just juniors .

8- Bank will love you forever :
If you walk in bank , with your teddy bear . Bank staff will look at you like you've corrupted them . I have been through *sigh*
Then one day I went to redeem a cheque with my aunt in near by bank . There was a teen account offer going on , so I asked them if something applies for my age typo . Lady on counter asked my age . I told 16 .
GOSH!!! She handed me down a bunch of bruchers and invited me over on their all local events if only I was going to make an account .
Sorry sorry , I am already not interested . Not in your bank . Cop sop!

9- Uniform are not thaaaaaaat bad :
I have always had problems with uniforms . Why the heck we always have to look like other 2k students? Style's a trademark & blah blah blah . But right now , I am all happy with uniforms . I am not into making matching outfit for school any more . So at least I'd be out of guilty of looking in-or-out trends . Phew!!!
Seriously , I am still finding a reason why I just put it here .

10- Sweet sixteen will be the sweetest :
Say it or not , but we'll turn 16 once (#dumb actually we all turn all ages only once ) it's not just about an age . It's about the future life ahead . Whatever I'd do or learn , it will be with me forvea . So yes , I am already tied up & working out stuff because it would go faster . Happy sweet/old sweet sixteens !

What're your sweet sixteen memories + tips?

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  1. LOL #dumb dying right here Noori.

    Agreed with the driving- I need to get on that and get my license ASAP!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  2. Oh Noor.. Not even 16 for a month and already so wise..
    I keep saying it, enjoy it while you can because it all goes by so fast. Before you know it, you will 28 giving advice to fellow 16 year old bloggers.

  3. Ps. You look very beautiful in your mirror selfie. Oh and by the way.. I took a mirror selfie of Alina and I to send to her dad this am. Never too old!!

  4. Great post! U r always so funny :D


  5. I was driving at 10 because we lived in the country on a farm. But at 15 driving a car on the street. Trust me, drive safe and the speed limit. I lost 4 friends due to car accidents, speeding, in one year. 2 had just graduated and 2 were seniors. Be careful

  6. Lucky you getting to drive so young. My parents wouldn't let me learn so I never started driving until I was in my 20s.

  7. You are still young, the rest of high school will go by quickly so enjoy it.

  8. I will tell my daughter to start following you, she is 16 and also blogs at MITLatina.com!

  9. My daughter just turned 17 and I'm dreading her going for her drivers license. She has been practicing but she's a horrible driver, well in my opinion. Happy Sweet 16, you only get to experience it once. :)

  10. How exciting to be 16. You seem much more mature than I was at 16! Your blog is so pretty too!

  11. I didn't know someone could be too old to take selfies! No wonder my kids are horrified every time I post one on Instagram. ;-) Enjoy your age, at every age. They're all good years!

  12. You are beautiful. You sound like you are living and loving life and that is a good thing.

  13. First of all, congratulations on turning sixteen. Secondly, you may be more grown up than you used to be, but you are still young enough seemingly "childish" things like selfies, so keep this attitude. ;) I'm 25, so if you're too old to be doing them at 16, I'm screwed! LOL

  14. Hiya! Love this post! When I was 16 the only thing I had in mind was 'get to 18 quick to get a car and be free!' (you can drive a car with a parent in france at 16, to practice for your licence at 18 - I was an evil child and stole my mothers car for short errands a couple of times, until a neighbor said he would tell!)
    Uniforms. I had to wear them when I lived in the UK. When I came to france i fought 'hey cool! no uniforms!' It is in fact worst. People judge you buy what you wear, if you don't have the 'in' clothes of pricy brands they call you a looser. In the end I prefer uniforms for school :) Everyone the same, whatever your budget!
    Selfies! I've never heard of not being able to camhore when over 16! Everyone has a right to do that, even at 80!
    Wedding talk at 16...why?! You have loads more important things to think about before getting married (having fun, being a teen, school...). What age do people normally get married over there with you (here in morocco it's pretty young too)
    Take your time being sweet 16 (but 18 is sooo awesome too ^^)
    I'm 10 years older than you and still feel and act like a kid! (buy silly hello kitty things and play pranks, but people seem to except that and like me for some reason)
    Take care!

    1. PS- I've added you to bloglovin and grabbed your button to put on my blog (finally got round to doing it!) Would love it if you could do the same (only if you like my blog of course!)

  15. Haha yeah I remember that sudden change in your life too clearly. Things get pretty rushed now and it takes a lot to understand it all. Real life is calling :)

  16. Happy Sweet 16, enjoy life while you can. You are still so young..
    Happy Blogging and now following


  17. You're still a kid, not an adult! Don't try to grow up too soon. Eat all the pie you can get.

  18. You are never to old for selfies. My son thinks I am but I am not. I won't ever grow all the way up that is boring.

  19. Wow so much wisdom from a 16 year old. You will look back and see even how much more wisdom you have 5 then 10 then more years later. Enjoy your time being young!

  20. I was working at 16, busy busy busy. But I enjoy where I have gone in life. enjoy the young years while you can :)

  21. Happy Sweet sixteen!! I love these, so cute!

  22. I agree with you. I'm 36 and I take selfies all the time.

  23. My Mum still pays for things when we go shopping ;)

  24. It's been 28 years since I turned 16. Frankly, I remember very little about that time! LOL I just remember enjoying my youth because there were less responsibilities. You're right. You're only young once, so enjoy it while you can.

  25. Enjoy life while you are so young. Don't get caught up in all the drama of what the kids think is cool or "should be" doing. Just enjoy life and being young. Like others said, it goes by way too fast.

  26. Happy Belated Birthday! Your post reminds me of when i was 16, except internet and selfies weren't a thing back then lol. Enjoy it!

  27. Ahhh, sweet 16... I can't remember... haha When you're in the parenting thing, you'll get too old so beware! Anyways, enjoy life to the fullest while you are still young. Get the driver's license as soon as possible, well, especially when you're in college. I have two kids and I'm still working on getting my road test done.

  28. hey i'm 33 only once :) Unless you travel on your birthday far enough so you get 36+ hours of the same day I guess!

  29. I don't remember being 16, or turning 16... I'm 30 now and I STILL do and go through half the stuff you mentioned (except drive, i don't drive).

  30. LOL! My memories when I was 16 was buried long time ago! :( Enjoy being in that age and stay sweet and cool!

  31. I didn't like being 16 - and we didn't have phones or iPads to take selfies back then :) I'm not sure I would have taken selfies back then. Now I sometimes do for my Instagram account. I love your picture in the sidebar.

    Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home

  32. Love the humor and funny animated gifs.

  33. Love your list of what you've learned. And NO... girls your age should NOT be so self-conscious about weight but the culture tells them otherwise. You are absolutely right... unless there is an obvious weight problem, don't obsess over it. Just try to establish some HEALTHY eating habits if you have not already, with BALANCE (yes, eat some pie here and there) and enjoy LIFE as you are. :)

  34. Your humor never fails to make me smile. :) And you are right, girls your age definitely shouldn't be worrying about their weight that much, especially if it's only 0.5! Enjoy yourselves!

  35. My sister is turning 16 in a few months. I'm sure she is going through the same situation as you!

  36. I actually cannot remember very much about 16. That might be a little sad. But I have never put much emphasis on "milestone" birthdays.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  37. I love your mirror selfie and I agree with you: the good on being sixteen is havin all life ahead, all the choices to be done... How many years have been passed from my sweet sixteens?? Too many to count them!
    Happy life <3
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  38. I just found out you were 16. I had no idea. I'm officially an idiot! ha ha ha Congrats! I love the use of gifs... aren't they so fun!? You don't ever have to grow up if you don't want to! I'm 30 and I still act like I'm 15 most of the time. I'll be 85 and still doing the same thing. You should too!

  39. Good stuff. Very funny. You are a good writer. Keep blogging. You have so many good stories and posts ahead of you.

  40. You're never too old for a good old selfie :)

  41. This was a really fun post, and even though my sweet 16 truly IS ancient history, I felt like I could relate to a lot of what you had to say. I apologize on behalf of all "grown ups" who urge you to leave childhood too fast. Forget that noise! Stay young, enjoy pranks, be awesome :)

  42. Happy Sweet Sixteen a month late!

  43. Like someone else said, I lived on a farm and started driving at nine.

  44. Yes, 16 is the age to eat!! Oh could I ever eat what I wanted and not worrying about adding weight. ;) Seriously though, I still remember my teen years. Such precious memories, not all good, not all bad, but I'll never be able to repeat them again. Enjoy your year of sweet sixteen!

  45. Such a great blog for a 16 year old! I turned 16 about 13 years ago, some great advice I wish I could have share with myself back then!


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