Somewhere in August

As being left as the most non-superstitious person on earth , I hardly go for Astrology . But man , reading horoscope is much fun than reading my physics article about space and moo-baa-boo .
August is simply just a month , you see . But for me , it's quite special so let's do a little review.

  1. My blog enjoyed Eid time with ya'll .
  2. I turned sweet 16 on 16th August . An epic match from 16 to 16 .
  3. I figured out what happens if everyone's lucky number was ten.
  4. We almost met the people who ate their books .
  5. My school's annual party rocked everything , err can't stop bragging mentioning my dress .
  6. Grab a Friend turned 18 , long live baby !
  7. So there're 6 things you should know. I almost wanted a house next to Kim Kardashian , glad I changed my mind .
  8. Finally , I made an Instagram .

And I said I was bad at recaps , hah just sayin' stuff . Ya know!
But the best memory of August is about time challenge . I am going school now , firstly it was truly hard to get recovered by the spoilness of summer . Secondly , I have subjects I would never ever read in normal life except of English literature and the classic books I get to read , okay sometime they give you a chance to get back to bed early & wake up with sun . 
I am learning to tackle time , to be more manageable that probably I have never been before , so ummm thanks August . For every memory ( and .... my new tablet ahaha)
So how's been you Auggy ?
So it's been loads of August talk , so my August's sponsors are also sharing a feast , let's join !

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  1. Sounds like a great month! August has been so busy for me!
    Take care

  2. My August moment was celebrating the 10 August birthdays in my family with a Outdoor Movie night! we had so much fun!

  3. My August Moment was my first day at work. It was very exciting!

  4. I think I've read every single one of these posts! I've gotta say- my favorite was the one about book-eaters!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. My August zipped by so fast. I got to see my sissy again after three years AND we met each others' daughters! That was pretty amazing. August was full of company and more rain than I'd like to admit.
    I will say that I love me some July. My b'day is one month before yours.. so I too turned 16 on the 16th.. many years ago. ;) July would have to be my favourite month because of my b'day and because July has the best weather!

  6. yay for your golden birthday ;) When I turned 16 I turned it on Jan 16 a few years ago but it made it so special!! August is when my baby girl laughed for the first time :) Definitely a month to remember !

  7. I took my vacation in August, so it was a perfect month!

  8. My birthday was August 24th! There was a community days parade in town and then we had a picnic at my parents house! It was a wonderful day!

  9. I love August since it finally cools down. Best of August is probably starting my new job! Cool giveaway. Happy Belated and thanks!

  10. going to the hotsprings pool with my fiance

  11. I took my vacation in August,

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  13. August was also kind to me. I think I did a lot of eating out and fell behind my exercise routine. Gotta get back on track. tsk.


  14. The last full month of summer. Hot and awesome for pool days :)

  15. I crossed off a couple of things from my life list, including buying an iPhone and going on a blind date. :D

  16. I came to Chicago with a bunch of girlfriends almost 15 years ago. We had a great time, going to shows, eating out, etc. Now I'm back in Chicago with husband and family and feeling a bit nostalgic...

  17. My Parents and sister were here with me the whole August! August was full of memorable moments that would last a lifetime :) Love your posts and your blog Noor :) Keep it up!
    PS: Are you from Kolkata by any chance?

  18. August, for me, was full of weekend trips to various places in northern Minnesota. Lots of camping, hiking, bonfires, and stargazing for me!

  19. August was super fun for me. It meant the start of my first official college semester and lots of fun time with my boyfriend and his daughter


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