People who ate their books !!!!

I once read in newspaper , that students in Greek had eaten their books so since then , they were quite intelligent . It was a Oh-My-Gosh idea . If eating some papers were making you genius , it couldn't taste bad .
Since I am up from summer vacations , it's sure that school times are getting harder/louder/la la la . I prefer work or don't work at all . So after whole 2 months , it's legal to rant over school days ( ofcourse , no one can go to work just after their birthday? oh boy)

If I could go in past through a time machine , I could have taken a few recipes from that peeps who ate their books to make things simple .
Recipe chart might look like :
Chemistry : Too bitter to swallow , use some sugar . Always use in deserts .
Physics : It's a hard meat-type . Boil it hard or throw away.
Maths : It's poisonous so be sure you're using with antidote. Like cherry , berry .
Logarithms : Normal people hate the taste of it , so be sure you'd add good level of spices .
Social studies : An exotic taste , we're working on it (still...still...still)

But somehow , I am glad we're not eating our books . But in a way , they're eating us , or probabs just me . The colourless , lifeless books ( oh no , I don't hate anything about books...er I am just being a lazy student for the moment) .

But kindly , my school being not-a-bad-school-at-all announced us a eid get together party on Friday . Phew , I will be there in my best outfit and loud music ( as loud as my tablet can shriek) and rocking mind , tumbling across hall with Areeba . I am born with a partner .

So what's your least favourite subject? Hi , I am going with logarithm or physics.

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  1. my least favorite subject is anything with numbers involved. Or anything where letters are treated as numbers such as calculus BLEH!

    A Golden State of Mind

  2. Math math and more math!! Oh, chemistry and physics scare me..
    Obviously I loved English, because of writing.. I liked the idea of this post..eating your books to make you smarter. Clever.
    How cool to always have your womb buddy everywhere you go:)

  3. Hey I'm a new follower and love your blog :)

  4. Ummm Calculus is so very annoying at the moment! My teacher doesn't let us take notes when she lectures (weird, right??) and I get so bored by her lectures. They're honestly so boring that she yawns during them. Yesterday, I counted 14 yawns! How embarrassing!

    Aren't you taking any type of English class?

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. Chemistry! I didn't like chemistry at all, and it didn't help that the teacher wasn't great. I didn't like math very much, but I was good at it.

  6. Love the witty Blog :D
    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
    Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D
    Red Alice

  7. GURL MY MOTHER MADE ME SLEEP WITH A BOOK UNDERNEATH MY PILLOW (each night the book would differ depending on subject) Apparently so I could absorb the knowledge. Oh how she underestimated my genuine revision skills!

  8. I love history and humanities!

  9. My law class is gtting a bit annoying. its required for teaching majors but memorizing cases is difficult,....


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