Oh dear Monday { with a birthday giveaway}

Tuning in from Monday (inserting a grumpy cat expression) , hola it's never like my kind of day . 
So since me & Monday have never been good pals , I try to find so-called positivity around as I'm told to do so .
Ahan , dear Monday , I'm going to find a piece of good-y stuff around ( if left anywhere , we all aren't a fan of ya , preferably)

At kitchen : Since it's a summer go-go , the kitchen is messy . Everyone's sleeping around so I might lock the door of kitchen to prevent unconscious , because smells from stale food are terrible . Let's wait for someone to come , rescue that place .

The bright motto!

Garden : Betcha , the best flowers are grown in my garden . They smells great so I would stay there . I wonder if there's any plant that grows at weekends only . If I was a botanist , I would have done something like that . But thankies god , I'm a baaaaad chicky !

Mirrors : It's only me or it's a trouble with the mirrors around the house? Humidity of rain did it , I swear .
Someone gotta clean them #helpmeout .

What's a mess? : Except driving to beautiful mess' beautiful app , I'm up to "real messes" . Like untangling lots of charger , headphones' wires . Roll up the crisps packets in dustbin and ahan ....loads to come.

Baaaaaad-room (aka bed room) : This place is messy and it's mine . Okay , probably you've guessed it . I think I'd have to clean it first , then I can fit myself somewhere and complete this post . Let's start , shall we ? I hate to clean my room!

It's Auggie Auggie , means this girl ( and twiny) are 11 days away of big day . I'm planning a cake , loads of candles , a party hat or perhaps a glitter bowl to throw ? I'm far more excited for gifts , like a tablet ....
Yea' , my time is now .
Legally , a girlie list should contain the stuff above . Thank you Polyvore for tempting me over loads of things already . Happ-O B-d-O
Anyways , my mourn day Monday's gonna be good goody , so why not for ya too?
Sweet Kelly's place has turned one , so here we're throwing a pawwwrrty for her bloggy in a way . Join the giveaway below for LOADS of awesome prizes . Huh funny , I'm 15 days younger than Kelly's blog? Just kidding !

Hi everyone,  thank you so much for coming to my birthday party! Today Sparkles and Shoes is 1 year old - I can not believe it! I still remember last summer how long and hard I pondered over choosing a blog name, deciding what to write about, and wondering if anyone besides my mom would read it - now here we are, a year later. None of this could have happened without the support of all of you, so thank you to my readers and everyone else who has supported Sparkles and Shoes! To help me celebrate I have partnered up with a great group of girls for a giveaway in honor of my birthday with hundreds in ad space, hundreds in gift cards, and half a dozen other fantastic prizes. Take a look at all of the things you can win in this giveaway! 

Life Unsweetened Ad Space || Postcards from Rachel Ultra Gift Card || Fizz and Frosting Ad Space

Life as I Know It Ad Space ||  Lipgloss and Crayons Ad Space || Perception is Everything Ad Space 

Glam Hungry Mom Ad Space || Not in Jersey Handmade Hat ||  Noor's Place Ad Space

Tea and Sequins J.Crew Giftcard ||  Penniless Socialite Ad Space || Hooah and Hiccups Ad Space 

Olive and Ivy Design Credit || Messy Dirty Hair Ad Space || Aree with Umbrella Design Credit

One Haole Girl  Ad Space   ||  The Glossy Life West Elm Giftcard|| Sparkles and Shoes Kelly's Favorite Things

This giveaway is international, so enter away! 

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  1. I'm loving the colorful aztec high tops and the blue bubble necklace! You have such great taste in style Noor! Happy early birthday :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  2. Boot, lol.. I wrote Noor, autocorrect switched it.. So I left it!
    I was telling Areeba that I have a tablet and really love it. I hope you end up getting one, no two! (Sharing would be a devastating disappointment!!)
    How messy is messy..? The world needs to see just how messy that room is....


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