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Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend
Link up here , answer a question , grab a blogger and be friends!

Every week this hop is created with lots of love + fun . So be sure to share it to more and more people ca catch up and our lovely little hop can be large with more friends ;)

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Now the co-host

Kirstie from The Semler Family

Lovely Hima from Hima Hearts
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This hop is for finding new friends & bloggy mates . So be sure to go and find yourself one .
I am so happy cheery to see you all linking up with us every Tuesday . Yip-yip , you're rah-king.
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Q : What's the worst advice you've ever given to anyone ?

Noor :
I am quite good at advice so everytime I give . I make sure it's not a shot but man , life's terrible at moments . In a party , my friend was in dilemma whther to clip her hair or not . She had to go on stage but before she wanted a perfect (aka purrrrfect) hair style . I told her "Don't clip them up . Let them move . Concentrate on your presence up on stage , we're gonna rock the floor"
Okay , did I knew up there was SO hot . Her hair went out of control and no one could help it . I wish I wasn't just present there .

Areeba : 
Every time anybody asks me about going out with someone, all I say is yes. No matter what's going to be happened with them in the last and I will end up saying sorry, you never matched.

Hima : 
I advised my friend who was allergic to dog fur to get a dog anyway. I told her that she would get used to it, but that never happened and she had to give her dog away!

Kirstie :
psh I give awesome advice! Ha just kidding not all the time. I think the worst advice I ever gave was to one of my friends in high school, she was nervous to ask a guy to a dance I told her to just do it, live life to it's fullest! Little did I know that it was the guy I had a crush on and wanted to go with and was planning on asking.

Woot , now it's your turn to answer!

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