5 Awkward myths about Friday

Tee-gee-eye-ef !
Fridays were the best thing ever to put on a calender , the end of every cray cray weekend . But something that I always relate with fridays were MYTHS , preferably awkward myths . 

1- Songs that have Friday in it are Da best :
It's a myth burster of the century that all friday tunes are NOT cool . Though Katy Perry , The Subways , Ice Cube and The Dark Passengers tried hard to make it all the way , but Rebecca Black won it . 
If you're loving a T.G.I.F tune , I'd suggest you to listen Friday by R. Black . I betcha !

2- You'll look good more than you do at Friday :
Misconceptions on beauty? I always believed I'd look good more than I usually do at friday . And boy , I was real wrong . It's a fantasy of girls , I'm telling you! When you spend an exhausting day at work or at event , there's NO chance of that , I'm telling you!

3- Friday means PARTY :
Ofcourse not (insert all the time) . If I've been working 24H a week , so I'm never going to attend a party at your , your or your place . So if I'm told Fridays are "pawwwwrty days" , my answer's gonna be "You're lying , sorry . " Friday is more about resting or should I say , clinging to couch day #DamnRight

4- Luck comes at Friday :
"Hello , I'm Noor and I've been in trouble for a week . Please luck , it's friday do come? "
So you think it would work? NO WAY . Loads of homework was always my problem on friday . Sales always ended on fridays and I'd always have to stay up all day on fridays . So at least my luck doesn't come at fridays , does your?

5- You can't win at fridays :
Oh no , you always can win even on Fridays . That's why you're going down below to enter an awesome giveaway from ah-wosome ladies . Not even kidding ! Upto 150$ of prizes to grab , I'm tempting you.

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Have you got a myth about Friday?

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  1. Omg #3 is my life! Haha
    Come Friday night all I want to do is watch Netflix...
    Funny post! :)

    Savy @ Staying Right

  2. LOL Friday is never party for moi.
    Love the post!
    (I don't think I look my best on Friday's either)

  3. Interesting post Noor! Over here we also hear that statement - "Thank God It's Friday." It is just another day for me and sometimes a rather hectic one too!:) Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

  4. I do love a Friday! But, you're right about all of those things. I definitely don't look my best on a Friday, I just FEEL my best because I know I worked a full week and get TWO days off to do what I want! I always like doing something on a Friday night because the next day you still have Saturday night to do something too! So you get the most out of the weekend!! Enjoy your weekend:)

  5. Friday is ALWAYS party day! After a long week of school work, Friday is my night to go crazy, I mean, have a drink or two...with friends!


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