When blogging life gets crazy.....

While sipping my tea in the pretties cup of the world , I am staring at white plain screen . Staring , staring , staring . Betcha , someone knows I am thinking of a blog post . Confess it happens , happens half of the time.
Someone's just troubled!

But there're are far lots chances to have a good Tha-ime when you've bloggy mates around . Who doesn't?
I was too lucky to have a bloggy mate who's super fun than you ( just kidding , but perhaps?) Catherine from Bailey Dailies and me from my place , presenting a , a , a , a FUN POST!
SO it's the time to grab a cup of coffee ( or a tea junkie like me ) read calmly , questions that are answered in a bloggy way .
Time with me & Catherine , ta-da!

Fun facts you found about blogging: 

Catherine : I think the best thing I have discovered while blogging is that there is a wonderful community of women out there that are warm and encouraging and inviting! I know it may sound silly to say that I have made "friends' while blogging but I really have (here's looking at you, sweet Noor!!). It's nice to have so many sweet people out there witnessing your life and encouraging you to do what you love! 

Noor : Blogging is far too exciting that just from writing . There're crazy anecdotes , awesome peeps , fun projects and ultimate opportunities . You don't need to wear a stylish LBD for being social , you can do it in your PJs as a blogger ( something I really like , cheers ) . And a more clear description , you have read above mine concern ( hey Catherine )

Biggest celebrity crush: 
Catherine : Oh my gosh there are SO many and they change on a daily basis. I think that Luke Bryan (country singer) is totally adorable and I just went to the New Kids on the Block concert and I have to say that Jordan Knight still has "the right stuff". As for movies, I'm sticking with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. 

Noor :  It would be a hard choice because I'm so indecisive for these matters . But constantly , it's John Cena 
(whoops who watches WWE?)
and afterwards , Channing Tatum , because he's a look like of John Cena . Pretty good deal for moi .
Count in Dev Patel too .....

Go left or right? Errr , I'm stuck!

Worst High School Moment: 
Catherine : Oh boy, high school was definitely not my favorite time. I don't know exactly what the problem was, but I just didn't fee like I fit in. I had changed schools so it was really hard to make friends because everyone was already in a group. Plus, something about being a teenage girl makes everything seem like SUCH a big deal. I was so dramatic and wore my heart on my sleeve about everything! I'm so glad that high school is over for that very reason--it's nice to be a grown up and have gotten a little perspective on the world!

Noor : I changed many schools so I'd have a stack of not-so-cool stories with mean girl or whatsoever . But worst thing I could ever remember is when I attended a sports event and I was the only photographer of DA CROWD . I had a Nikon s4000 in my jeans pocket . When we were setting off on a wagon , camera button just pushed and lense got out & crushed... BOOM!! I was freaked out and there was NO way to get over with it . So it ended up at the lost of 200$ , lots of scolding and zero snaps from our event . #fail

A Hidden Secret: 
Catherine : Hmm let's see--this is hard! It's hard to have any hidden secrets when you have a blog! I guess my 'hidden talent" is that I can stick my tongue out and touch the tip of my nose with it. It's super classy. I can also pinch really hard with my toes! :)

Noor : My hidden secret is imitation . From donald duck to Paris Hilton .
It's super fun unless someone whom I don't know calls me and I reply in a donald duckies voice , woosh!
Disney princesses?
Catherine : I am ALL about princesses. My favourite movie growing up was Cinderella so it's so neat that you called this "a Cinderella story". I love all of the princess stuff now that they have for kids and I just hope I have a girl because whenever we have kids I'm going to buy all of that stuff! :)

Noor : I love disney princesses ( even new ones , yeah I still watch ). I wanted to be Snow White , for no reason perhaps . For me , it was so cool to get  a living in forest with lots of hard working people who do your chores while you can wait for your prince charming . #MeanGirlsAlive
Phew , that was a cool journey and I can't remember how much I used a creative part of my brain last time . Thanks in advance , bloggo !
Cath & me would like a tweet-y answer , really we would !
It's your turn! Answer these now!

And while you're hang around , grab some peeps from Grab a Friend.

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  1. cute blog!like your sense of humour. now following from http://thandilemana.blogspot.com

  2. great post! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  3. This was so cute and so much fun to do with you!

  4. Noor it's legit to be social like this!

  5. Did you see John Cena in the Psych episode? He was so great! You'll have to check it out if you missed it, then you can drool for a whole hour.

  6. Noor I love the first picture of you that you posted on this blog! You look so pretty:)

  7. Fantastic photos!!


  8. This is such a great, fun idea!! Looking forward to more fun posts like these and being your newest follower :) By the way-I love the graphics on your site...good job :)



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