R stands for Random

Tuning in from a monday mourning morning , is it a coincidence or I'm starting every new post of a "week day" update? Lack of creativity these days .
So here I'm standing with my tea cup , my mind is questioning me? "Howdy Noor?" I'm super fine dear mind , just thinking of what to do .
I should blog , errrr the solution of my mindless ramblings .

Don't make me sad : I got a phone call from my sweetest but evilest bunch of little cousins who're going to a trip all together . They knew I couldn't make it with them so they called me and told about their coming adventure , I pretended that I was really busy but after their call . I grabbed a Pringles box and juice packet to celebrate my very lazy life over their adventure . So you get the tip of not letting kiddos know that you're having a LAME life while they're going to enjoy .

Can you guess whose idea was to make goofy faces? Ofcourse mine .

Tweety's not sweety problem : I am kind of stuck in a trouble , and it's totally freaking me out . It's TWITTER . Okay , I do love twitter a lot but things are messy right now . I am not getting my PMs and so tweets and replies .SAY WHAT? I randomly opened my inbox and I had PMs , and received mail of not replying an important tweet . Is Tweeto thingy suppose to disreputable me? Don't tell me you're facing the same thing . Sue Twitter? ( insert a NO)

Showered in glitter : *Already patting my shoulder* I did Katie's blog design who blogs at Because of Beckham . You'd seriously love her because of her candy sweet blog and her adorable one named Beckham ( go go Beckham , my favourite football man) . You've a reason to go there , to check the design I did .
Coral + glitter , I'm in love .

Blate , no gate : Do you remember I almost got over annoyed over Areeba's blate? This girl ( err me ) hasn't found one for herself yet . Why you guys didn't tell me a good one? I'm itching to go on Skype myself . Do it anyway! Shoot me words , now now !

Be sophisticated ,
Blog sponsor ahead , 
breath held?

Serendipitous Whimsicality

Seriously  , these two want me to think why me and Areeba didn't make a single blog? But things want us to be sure that we are "very twiny" .
If you're visiting them right away , I'd seriously recommend to read their snapshots of summer ( oh la la photography) and summertime reading . Or you can come around by left sidebar .

Have a pretty monday , 
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  1. Thanks for posting my blog!! I'm in love with my design!!

  2. super adorable goofy photos!! best of luck with advertising!

  3. Love the photos and also the blog design, you are super talented!

  4. So many little cousins! I have lots of cousins, but we are all around the same age..! I can't imagine that many little ones around. It can probably be fun to act like a kid with them again.. and I bet you want to shove them all in a closet and close the door other times!

  5. I love that design! Also, I think it's nice you have two separate blogs! X

  6. Sometimes we want the comfort of our own lazy moments but I think it's also nice to be with relatives sometimes haha :)

    How are you dear? Hope you're doing fine.
    With me, well I'm ok now and got out of the hospital already so I can now check you guys back online.

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  7. Thanks for checking out the SSSBlogHop! Just added your button to my blog!

  8. LOVE that design! You go girl! Plus I love Ellie! She is so sweet!

  9. Your cousins look like they are a lively bunch. I bet there is no rest if you travel with them.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  10. I don't always get my twitter messages either, and sometimes I am very late with replies because of that. =(
    I am loving the blog makeover you did for Because of Beckham. It would be great to see a Before & After shot. Sparkles are always great.


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