Letting the new blossoms bloom

Feeling too springy , I am tired of summer drama . Every morning , my window shows me a very dramatic scene of clouds and a mix feeling of rain. So ofcourse , I get too excited and leave room in PJs .
Not so glammy , I am tricked every time . There's no drop in a week , not even a pretty one . 
But anyways , I am simply envying my bloggy girls' rain shots and thinking what should I do for it? Probably use a shower to feel good or show off maybe? Nah ! I should wait .

Weather update : tell me these wires are ugly !

I'm feeling so new , I just don't have a reason { probably rain has a reason}
I'm badly missing my dad , while he's away for a business trip . If you're reading me for long (mwah my mate) you may know I love him far too much , much more than Mom maybe . I couldn't even catch him for Father's day but we have lots of promises to be done . I like his honesty , I got it from him . You should know I am .
While new blossoms in life are blooming

New blog design I did for Kate . Don't you just luuuufff it?

My aunt's getting married in April . I just got toooo much excited for her . I would love to be a lazy bridesmaid who's always resting yet getting first place at Group photo . I'm a genius.

From blogosphere , I'm very enjoying these days . Do you remember 8 things in blogosphere? 
It has made it's place in The SITS girls pin board where it's featured . I'm feeling like floating in air . WOOSH!
Catherine & me , we're upto a fun project . You know , what happens when two bloggers collide? They rock out the world . So it's just gonna happen .
I felt I was down but I'm feeling so much alive now. You gotta cheer me , I love you !
Tell me , tell me how's your week .
Not-so awesome Monday .

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  1. Oh my gosh! I haven't been here for ages! How are you , Noor? Great new design btw :D

  2. I attended my first wedding of the Summer over the weekend and it was lots of fun.

    Since seeing the picture at the top of your post I have been singing over and over "I've got a pocket, a pocket full of sunshine." :)

  3. wonderful blog design you did there! I'm also on the process of redesigning my blog as it looks TOO colorful. sigh.

    I love attending weddings too. But right now I'm on the stage where most of my friends are either getting engaged or married and I feel left behind. :(

  4. i love the desing♥ looks so pretty, i love the weddings too ♥
    visit my last entry :

  5. Congrats on making it on the SITS girls pinboard! Yay!!!
    Can't wait to see what you and Bailey Dailies are planning. =0)

  6. hello! I found your blog via grab a friend and I'm glad I did! :) Just followed you on bloglovin


  7. Hi! I just followed your blog by finding you via the grab a friend blog hop! Great blog and I am glad to have found it :) Take care

    http://www.courtneyjanet.com/ // http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3612596

  8. Noor! Were you saying that you were wishing for rain!? I live on Vancouver Island.. and we have TONS of rain for most of the year. The summer months are the best, because we USUALLY get sun. So far.. so good! If you do want rain.. I'll send some black clouds your way!

  9. Ohhh it's raining right at this very moment and I wish it would go away!! I'll send some over to you ;) xx

  10. Where I live, it has rained for the past 17 days straight, and there is major flooding, not to mention power outages...we have opposite problems!



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