Holla at ya , smilers!

Talking of fandom , I'm a cheese rat . This term is legally used for someone who's addicted . Haven't heard it before? Thank me to introduce you .
So jumping on fan-ism , I'm HAPPY to do a fan friday because Sarah finally helped me outta my almost NO-SPORTY life to glammy red carpet type events' fandom , say what?

On fridays , after T.G.I.F tunes , I'm always ready to be smiler again . I luuuvv Miley Cyrus , which is no problem at all . She's ah-wosome , we're together since kindergarten ( well that's a bragging)
but all it sums up to my love for her .

Does anyone have a smiler story? No? I'll tell you one because I do have .
"Once upon a time , a girl was going through shopping mall , where she saw a DVD that had a blonde girl & brownish hair girl having a mic . She thought those girls looked twins and she already had a twin so she picked up that DVD ."
That girl was me and that DVD was Hannah Montana's.
( insert an AWWWWWWW)

Over to her song , like we can't stop listening her tune over the weekends:

Or when it's 4th of July ,
(technically linked up with #backthatazzup )

Things I legally did as a smiler :
Cried all over on the last song , made a whole statement for not-to listen I hope you find it . This film was the like the last part of the onion you would want to eat but is TOO hard to make ya cry.

Tried to find a bestie like Emily Osment { search in progress } . Someone who's ready to be my lola and give support outta back stages , while having some spotlight , I have a big heart .

Begged mom to let me be a secret pop star . I won't wear a wig nor put on cool glittery sun glasses , but please let me be mom , I'll make you my manager.

Used/using Hannah Montana dialogues in my real life like:
" This plane is SO slow , if I had started walking to California ( enter destination) , I had already been there."
Have a secret code named " code red" . CODE RED CODE RED #CODERED , if you know about code red , just keep it secret , hola.
Traded my Hakuta Makuta for Can't be tamed . I had a fandom crash , but I did anyways , would miss my samba stuff .
Almost bought a blonde wig . I could have traded my brown hair as well but shucks , everyone's not lucky at same time .

Started fighting my siblings in a "Miley" way . My sweet little family is mild-mannered , I don't want to break anyone's heart , but by Jackson & Miley's , I'm SO wanting to fight in a baaaaad way!

SO already a hola at all smilers , am I wrong to use this term , ofcourse NOT! I don't get why anyone's making a move towards her updo . Did your neighbour put a secret camera on you window to see whatcha doing or did your room mate hate you for your hair cut? here goes a no.
And special high five goes for Areeba , for being my h&m partner for years .

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. I think she looks lovely with brown or blond hair, but I don't like her current short bleach blond look.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. you're post is so much fun and makes me smile! :) would you like to follow each other? I'm following you now on GFC and bloglovin'
    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

  3. I love Miley! She used to be really funny and sweet and now she's crazy, but I still love her. I took my little sister to her concert. The Hannah Montana/Meet Miley Cyrus one with the Jo Bros opening. It was pretty fun.

  4. ok, that gif of Miley with the mustache kind of creeps me out, I just gotta say it. hehe!

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog || JewelMint Giveaway :)

  5. I love blonde hair but I really think she suits dark better... her latest style, punk almost p!nk style is ah-some though!!! Best look :)


  6. Fun post! I prefer her with dark hair :)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I think your story of how you discovered Miley is so sweet. I certainly did Awwwwww all on my own. And I especially liked your shout out to your twinny.


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