Hidden stuff in "About me"

Hey world ,
I thought I should be a little more realistic than ever . It should be legal now . I am on summer vacations afterall . I might look {pretty as always} covered but I have a heart of gold . Yeah , I'm not kidding . I just don't like to be exposed to the world way too much but a little . It's just me , errrrr.
BUT I think some hidden treasures/chests/doors can be opened for a while , I'm all up , digging things to tell what's in real "about me" .
{ Don't go to the poor about me page now , it just has fancy graphics I made }
Let's kick off the fanciness , I'm stating starting :

I quite like rap songs , as long as John Cena is singing . Afterwards I can't listen anything in rap . But I wouldn't let anyone say it crap . It's a style , nigga is a different word , my friend .

I'm a a very bad neighbour . They invite me over for every event and I attend none . They send me cake and I eat the whole . They'd make a noise so I would shout words for social security . I'm a very bad neighbour .

I love cats but I have a big heart { crush}  for dogs . I am always afraid if I keep them , they'd kill the cats . I had a fear that they might bite me too but it vanished , phew .

I'm so very impressed by dad & he's impressed with me . We 're always the same . He's accountant and I wanna-be . My real dream was something in Law or probably a famous singer { I still mean it} but I love dad more.

I'm way too crazy passionate about driving . Just too much . I have an idea why I haven't had a driving license , no one wants me to waste gallons of petrol over my trips , I would surely do it . No shame .

People think I'm a pro in photoshop . Of course I'm but I never use it for photo editing business . I am pretty already .

I get crazy over my letters , mails , emails { and now count Tweets too} . It's illegal to open my mails without me around . I would sue them , for sure . It could have been confidential .

Once I wanted to kill someone . Shhhh it's a secret .

I spend too much money on fancy thing . TOO fancy as Faber-Castell . All my design inspiration spiritually comes from there { hey they always offer a free creative CD }

Two things I do with great passion & fun { laughs & smiles } blogging & blog designing .

I've been single so far { Unless you're reading it after 5 years and I'm married then}.


  1. You could never spend too much money on fancy things!! I love reading about you!

    Spunkee Belle // Bloglovin' // Twitter

  2. I hate when people open my mail too! It's miiiine!

  3. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love your design :)

  4. Lol this made me chuckle. I loved this post. I also hate people touching my mail, luckily it's just me and my fiance and daughter and he knows not to open my mail lol. Great post, might have to do something like this soon!

  5. Hi - just love your blog. I'm a new follower through GFC.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. New Follower from Aloha. Like the honesty that is so rare these days. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. It is good learning more about you Noor! I love dogs and all my pets have been dogs over the years. I also don't like when persons open my mail! I have had pen-pals for many years but these days we mainly exchange emails. You are right, you don't need Photoshop as you are pretty already!:)

  8. love your post here and like you I don't like when others open my mail too. I love parties. whenever a neighbor invites me if I don't have other plans. Love your picture here.
    Gem :)

  9. LOVE the gold and teal blog colors!!


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