Grab a Friend blog hop #13

Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend
Link up here , answer a question , grab a blogger and be friends!

Every week this hop is created with lots of love + fun . So be sure to share it to more and more people can catch up and our lovely little hop can be large with more friends ;)

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Daphne from Peanut Butter and Chocolate
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This hop is for finding new friends & bloggy mates . So be sure to go and find yourself one .
I am so happy cheery to see you all linking up with us every Tuesday . Yip-yip , you're rah-king.
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Q : Food you can't live without .

I'm a FAN of P&P ( pasta & pizza) Call me a true craver . My weekend treats are full of P&P . Yummmm!

Omnomnom , I love noodles & everything with potato . Prefeably call me a potato girl.

Ellie :
It's not exactly a food but COFFEE. Pretty much any kind with a dash of skim milk makes my day: hot, iced, dark, flavoured, anything :) Trust me, you don't want to deal with me before I've had my morning cup of joy!

Daphne : 
I'm not picky with my food, but if I had to pick one food I can't live without, it would definitely be cream cheese. It's healthy enough that I won't feel guilty about pigging out on it, and it's creamy and smooth enough to be comfort food. Pop in on a bagel, and you have a quick lunch. Smear it on crackers, and you have a quick snack. Put it on smoked salmon, and you have a fancy dandy meal.

Now it's your turn!

While you're hanging around here , enter a BUNCH of awesomeness my ladies & I just arranged !

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  1. Hey lady, Ithe food I can't live without is peanut butter, I'm addicted!

  2. Peanut butter- nut butters in general! I have 5 jars at home right now!

  3. Hey, thanks for letting me co-host the blog hop! It was really fun! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  4. Thanks Noor for hosting! :) xo

  5. Shrimp and sweet tea. That's what I couldn't live without.

  6. HI! Thanks for hosting again. I'm following everyone before me xx

  7. Hello there! Thanks for hosting this :)

  8. Thanks again for hosting - and I'm so excited for our move next month! :) Have a great week! :)

    Like a Spazosaurus; Facebook Funnies; Random Break from the Craziness: RTT Rebel

  9. I hope everyone participating makes lots of new friends through the blog hop.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  10. I couldn't live without coffee! Its not technically a food, but I love it and drink it at all times of the day. Im slightly addicted! :)

    Thanks for hosting this blog hop! Im now following via GFC.
    Amanda @ Happily Ever After


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