Girl with pink nails - #WeekBackup

I love the way weekend sounds , week + end , it's ended , phew!
My week is being back up  , I'm over-eating . 

I was searching my phone and got it . The poor editing was proudly done by me while we were on picnic . Gadgets should be away while enjoying or else the results are here .
PSS I love pink nails , this shade was one of them . Bubble gum , yum yum .

2 minutes noodles . I am craving them , though most of you would think it's a traveller thing but more than honestly , it's very necessary to people like me . Totally-punctured cook .

All day , all night ,
this song is stuck in my mind
{ when you're ready , come and listen it }

I could be a ghost lyricist  , I know .

Bank matters 
I've been scratching my head just to have an idea over what the trouble is . My big bucks are stuck in bank and I need them to throw a few parties { world knows my aunt's wedding is near} . Wish I had a help of world bank or so , yet just lack of advice .

"If my dad was here , I could have punched you ."
This thing I haven't been saying to people but in my mind , all it comes when I see some extra-oh-dinary people , visiting us or just colliding randomly .

Now , let's do some week back up-ing .
Noor's Place
<div align="center"><a href="http://noorslense.blogspot.com/" title="Noor's Place"><img src="http://i41.tinypic.com/9htfo9.png" alt="Noor's Place" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Thingy aka rules :
Write a whole back up post of your week in Picture , Song , Trouble , Food , saying of the week .
Grab the pretty button and show off the world .
Twitter-aholic? Tweet it with hashtag #WeekBackup and hang me around with it .
Follow me so we can be besties .
Link up on every Saturday .
Hop around and grab some awesome people { Hop like rabbits , we all love them}
You gotta answer #Askmesatz with Areeba.
Aree With Umbrella

What does mirror say to you when you're standing in front of it?
You're so like your mum , why love dad so much? HAH!
{ my mirror is crazy }

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  1. Nail color is super cute and I'm loving the song!!

    -Krystal @ Spunkee Belle
    Bloglovin' // Twitter

    Check out the latest post from Spunkee Belle: #WeekBackUp 4th of July Edition

  2. i will listen to the song now , you got me curious

    Come check out this week's guest post , you will love her & her style


  3. Haha, my husband loves that Selena Gomez song! I feel like I always hear it! Lovely nail color- pink is awesome!

  4. Lovely nails! That Selena Gomez song is one that always gets stuck in my head...Na Na Na Na...Na Na Na Na... =0)
    I just added #AskMeSatz to my #WeekBackup post!

  5. Beautiful nails ;) Amazing colour!

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.gabusiek.blogspot.com

  6. I love this idea! & that song is so great. So glad we found each other in the blogging world :)

    xo. Kailagh

  7. Ooh I like.. what does your mirror say to you when you look at it..? I would have to say... "Damn, you are looking like your old self again!" (I just had a baby 4 months ago.. tomorrow!) My hair is starting to grow back from a short cut a year ago and the sun is giving me a healthy tan too..! Plus.. my baby belly is gone. The baby is actually sitting right beside me as I type this! Thanks for the visit to my blog Noor:)

  8. This is such a cute idea!! :) Would loveee for you to check out my blog to stay in touch! Followed you:)
    Penny Rose

  9. love the nail color and of course I love 2 minute noodles too!!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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