Get a little serious , why do you blog?

I am pretty confused here , right now my mind is literally juggling with words and if I sound witty , it would be because of you . I am a serious girl , just for now .
Last night , I tweeted I wanted to find blogs to sponsor , ah it's not a pretty big deal . I do offer sponsors so I needed a few for me as well . But in replies , it was a different opinion by another blogger that the bloggers who buy sponsors , are actually after commentors . And tons of followers and stuff . OH MAN!
It's not the first time I got to hear this stuff , It mean we haven't made it clear what's the real reason of blogging is? Do you really think you have?

Let's be clear here , I started blogging because I wanted to keep track of my memories ( if only Picasa doesn't kick me out) , anecdotes , meeting peeps around globe and have fun!
*Secretly keeping a track how awesome I was so I can show it to my grands perhaps?*
But eventually ( as for now) things are too changed . You see at left , the numbers are growing much .
But would I need these "big" numbers if you're not even suppose to read my shiz , tell me pretty?

Was I suppose to mark 1000 while I am having no fun or letting anyone have fun with my bloggy?
Is it like making big bucks from sponsors while you're only selling followers?
Weren't you ever thinking of making bloggy relations instead of getting high in ranking?
Were you actually supposed to BLOG?
Can you answer these?

I don't understand a biggy & small term . You write , you get read . You make a readership . There's nothing else in this field , you're a blogger . Not Kim Kardashian , right ?

If I am not wrong , there're people who you'd see with like 1126 followers , but actually they don't even get 100 page views a day . Errrr ! 
And what's wrong with the term commentors? I get it as the people who're actually reading my blog and leaving a love note , not leaving like a stalker ( yeah I keep an eye on stats ) .
And it definitely depends on how well you do serve your content , betcha but no one eats a fish with lots of salt .
Why do I blog : because I love to do , spending my time sticking around with my awesome peeps and I don't mind paying a little bucks for sponsors .

I am talking right from my mind , I really need tea now . While I can figure out lots many things in between , 
like thanking to Sarah who just got me out from No-Reply trouble . G+ had almost got me down ( and killed ) by turning me into a no-reply bud , so if you've the same trouble . You can go for her tutorial .

So here goes the question , why do YOU blog? 

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  1. Great post Noor! I've asked this question of myself many a time, but I always come back to the fact that I love to write and the blogworld is a great community to do it in :)
    P.S. I finally got a twitter! @WhimsicEllie :)
    <3 Ellie

  2. My blog is like a journal to me. It allows me to share my world with others in hopes of meeting people similar to myself. I like connecting with people and blogging is one way of doing that.

  3. Hey lady! Long time, no write...at least from me. :(. well i sprained my wrist no too long ago and its hard to type. and of course my computer has been bugging out. no excuses just facts. lol.

    well i havent blogged since what in april. I only have 120 followers but I have over 200 views in one day. In my absence I got over 5,000 views and thats just for not even updating...so i do feel you when people worry about what numbers of readers/followers that other blogs have. Just keep writing and for those who really care about what you got to say...even if its those 10 friends out of 1,000.

    hope you are well!



  4. I knew it that all the cool words you're using are for your grand kids, duh! Claps for being such genius at this moment, TWIN!

  5. I blog to keep a record of fun things going on in my life. I love looking back and remembering things I had forgotten. It's truly not about the numbers. I simply blog for myself, and if others find what I write interesting enough to read/comment, more power to them! I appreciate all of my comments but whether I get comments/page views or not, I am still going to blog.

  6. I have some of the same frustrations with blogging. Sometimes I get so lost with trying to get readers and grow my numbers, that I can't even focus on writing creative content because I'm so stressed! I started blogging as a way to learn and become more creative. I have to always remember that. Great post!

  7. I blog to express. I don't get sponsors and I'm not paid to review something. I blog cos I love photography and writing.

  8. I don't like that stereotype about sponsorships. Sponsors force me to not be selfish (ie. read other blogs and promote THEM) as opposed to being obsessed with myself. Does that sound crazy? Maybe it's just me, but that's as candid a response you can get from me!

  9. I blog for the same reason as you!

  10. I blog for myself--for memories, as a way to write, so I can just be me!

  11. At first I started blogging to make money. But now I've found that it's much more fun to connect with different people within the US and globally. I've also learned quite a bit about fashion and how to pair different patterns together. Plus, the blogging world is FULL of nice people of all ages <3

    I sub to quite a few blogs and although I try to read them all .. I sure can't comment on them all .. as I work full time and take online courses so I try to have some work / life balance :-) So I may not comment, but it doesn't mean I haven't stopped by ;-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  12. Awww, Noor don't let the haters get you down! Some people like to bitch because they're bored and have nothing else better to do than ruffle up some stranger's feathers.
    Keep doing what you do..Since you started following my blog you have been nothing but supportive and kind- never asking for anything in return.
    I blog because I love writing. It's like homework... that I enjoy doing. I love hearing if my writing has touched someone, or entertained someone. I love it and if you do too- keep at it girl!

  13. Great post and I agree. I started my blog because my passion is makeup and beauty related things. I love to talk about it and play with it.I can talk about it all day lol, but no one in my family wants to hear me ramble about it including my husband lol. so this is why I have my blog. People can be discouraging and and hate on what you do. Do not listen to them and continue with your blog. I really enjoy your blog and it showcases your beautiful personality. Keep up the good work. Your post always make me smile :)


  14. I agree! What really is blogging? I'm writing a new post about it titled "What I Love & Hate About the Blogosphere" Look out for it, it'll be published soon!

    -Zobia from The Eternity Journal

  15. Very good post, Noor! I haven't been feeling well lately, so I haven't been visiting as often as I usually do, but I smiled when I saw this post here today. =0)

  16. interesting post...I like this visual too
    I blog because I love it and also love when I have more readers and followers.That makes me encouraging.....
    Visiting via Aloha blog hop and your new GFC follower...
    Amy-Food Corner

  17. well said noor. i stop by a fair bit, but don't normally comment. maybe i should? i don't know. i like to keep tabs on people without being that person who comments on EVERYTHING. i don't think sponsoring is selling followers. i think sponsoring is advertising. just because you offer people something, doesn't mean they're going to buy it. so, i pay you for advertising, but your readers might not like me, and not follow. easy as that. i think blog hops create more of a false following that advertising.

  18. I started blogging because it's a way to commemorate the important and best moments of my life, to share my opinions on topics, meet new people from around the world and hopefully to inspire someone! I love reading other people's blog post because it gives me inspiration (:

  19. My first blog was years back on MySpace and I would write about my life and travels. I just loved doing that, and thought it was time to get back into blogging. This time I wanted to have a blog open to the public, and it's just an outlet where I can write about everything girly that I love.


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