Because eating Pringles is legit

Can you tell me when one should say life is cray-cra-craaazy? No? Okay I'll tell you .
When you have LOTS of meet ups .
Seriously , I don't mind having tons of parties everyday , but secretly I do . As long as they're serving black or plain tea ( for free) so I would go around . 
So my week was eezzy weezy ( are you sure you understand this term? because I don't)  busy and had a fight with my emails and stacked work . Dad , help me out . 
But ain't no body got time for that , so I'm going to do #Weekbackup

Photo : I really don't get how I HAVEN'T been adding a selfie to photo of the week , everytime . Well , now I would and I did .
Rose skin , super dooper hair , no make-up . It worth staying here .

Food : Omnomnomnom for pringles. I questioned me "is it legit to put pringles in food?"
Me , answered : "Ofcourse it is . When they're legit to put in mouth , they're legit to anything."
I'm craving them.

Saying :  Because of a busy bee week , I have a legal saying . " Errr...I'm tired .
Still , I'm tired.
More , I'm tired .
finally , I'm tired .
Eventually , I'm tired .
Phew , busy week pays hard .

Song : 
DNA by Little Mix on Grooveshark
These girls have the smashin' dashin' jams . I was at a block when I heard this song and I fell hard
( ofcourse not from block , just saying)
but something in disclaimer , I'm not assuring about their whole album . They have pretty cracked tunes over there as well . Band singer , Perrie Edwads's got lots other endowments except being Zayn Malik's girlfriend .

Trouble :  My hair iron , that looks so pretty with its pink cover . But don't let it make you fool , it's being super ditchy and not working well . I almost got my hair burn this morning , I am needing a new iron.....for sure .

It's your turn to backup your week , let's do it .
PS : A new look for week-a-back-a , but you can still go for tags , pip-pip.
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Hop around and grab some awesome peeps {so I can love you forever}

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  1. I love Pringles! Yum.
    I didn't do a complete #weekbackup post, but you'll see why when you read.

  2. I always forget how much I love Pringles. They're so tasty!

  3. hahah aww xDD the pringles so yuummy♥

  4. I agree, they are delicious! Have a great weekend!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. You are so gorgeous even without makeup! And yes, I agree, Pringles can be put in anything :)

  6. pringles are good! cannot each just one...or one can for that matter! nice post. love your link ups/hops. which others do you do?

  7. Pringles are so damn good! My fav are the salt and vinegar or plain salted one! Everytime I watch Win a Date With Tad Hamilton I crave pringles! nom nom nom.

    We all need days without makeup... you are just blessed amd look great without so you don't need it anyway!! :)
    Embrace it! xx

    New follower x


  8. Oh, my I love Pringles! They are formed perfectly to melt in your mouth .. hmm, salty goodness :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com


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