Hello , it's a weekend!

 This week has been in a cray cray pants , but all I want to sum it up is "SLEEP OR NO SLEEP" game . Weekends are pretty and I am in love of being lazy , cozy no more use of cozy because it's TOO hot to be cozy , all I want to wish is staying in a chilled room .
Am I ready for a #Weekbackup ? .....
Yes m'am!

Photo : An epic  shot with my injured camera , call it almost rip . Please pray for it to get outta emergency ICU room ( aka Nikon customer care) . So I can have lust worthy pictures again #Pray .

Food : Fruit salads are a BIGGY KIDDO right now . It's soopah doopah to eat it during fasting . Once you're up to eat them everyday , betcha you can't help having them everytime . The pictured above is from yum sugar , in case you want to eat yourself......

Trouble : How long can you sleep? 8 hours , 10 hours or perhaps 11? I did beat ya , I slept 14 hours today . It's crazy just to admit that I did sleep thaaaaaaaat long but anyways , happy sleeps .
PS : Don't ever tell me you have beaten me , I would have nightmare then.

Saying : As a tribute to sleeps , it's official to say : I shouldn't sleep or I've been sleeping for long , oh my!

Getting on to song......

Song : I didn't know what on earth one direction boys were doing since I stopped listening them ( secretly , I was sticking to their oldies) then I met Rachel ( wave a hi for a directioner like her) and her tweets made me think....

I felt backward that even Twitter was trending #BestSongEver and I didn't even have an idea , so I logged into facebook (after a WHILE) and my feeds were filled with best song ever arts . I finally stepped in and listened it , now since that I'm like


( Don't listen because you're gonna love it LISTEN)
Now it's your turn to boom , presenting #WeekBackup with fwessssh rules :

Noor's Place
<div align="center"><a href="http://noorslense.blogspot.com/" title="Noor's Place"><img src="http://i41.tinypic.com/9htfo9.png" alt="Noor's Place" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Rules :
Write about your week .
Follow me so we can be besties .
Grab the button ( isn't it pretty?) or just link back .
Twitter-aholic? Tweet it with hashtag #WeekBackup and hang me around with it .
Link up on every weekend.

So how's been your weekend? Watcha been doing?
PS : I'm guest posting at Stephanie's blog today . Check out to know what's in my bloggy jam!

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  1. Hooray!! I'm so glad you love Best Song Ever as much as I do! It's the greatest!

    Rachel is Elsewhere

  2. My cousin LOVES One Direction, and they're going to be in her town pretty soon. She will probably go to the concert. =0)
    I'm so sorry I didn't do #weekbackup this weekend. I will be here next weekend with my post, for sure.

  3. Noor, I was telling Aree that whenever I'm replying to you on my phone- it autocorrects your name from Noor to BOOT. So I have decided my nickname for you- is BOOT. Hehe!
    I hear your birthdays are coming up. I've been posting a lot of tutu's on my blog lately and I think you two should get tutu's to wear on your special day.

  4. I love the henna tat on your hand!!!

  5. Ooooo crap your poor camera!!! Mine also just got out of ICU... It was such a traumatic time but I think she has made a full recovery! Phew.

    Henna on your hand is GORGEOUS. I would love to get henna again <3

    That song is amazing xxxx


  6. Wait...do you and Aree have the same camera? Because hers is dead to, and I'm so confused!
    Love fruit salads- they're amazing when you add Greek yogurt! I'm not sure...can you do that during Ramadan? What are the foods you can and can't eat during the day?
    Loving the lucy hale gif!


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