8 things I'm overly obsessed with ( win 135$ maybe?)

There could be nothing else better than playing Candy crush saga on a very random Wednesday morning , but realizing that you've become obsessed with this game? Shucks , it takes a very big deal to make it believe that a cute thing like that could be viral , errr.
I'm stuck in a long list of "very-obsessed" things , pretty or ugly . So now I probably should shout out , Hey wanna meet a obsessed person? She's so pretty . Thank you .

I'm obsessed with

Candy Crush Saga , ya cutie beastie :
This game had so much Hoo-ha so I refused to play it . DID I REALLY? I got tons of invites from my friends but I still refused , refused until I flattered  . I played it for this first time , and when did I stop playing? If I did , I dreamed it . Oh no , it's so heavily very cute and addictive in every way !

Tweeeto Twitter :
Tweeeeto , I'm so sure of it . I started using Twitter at the very start of 2013 , and man . I'm an addict for sure . Tweeting is not a game , it's a time crime . I would never have talked that much with my neighbours as I do with my tweet-ies .

Chai + tea :
My not-so-coffee story contains tea . One of my dream wishes include having bed tea every morning ( and lots of rain , but it seems difficult for a while) . I take tea on morning , on semi morning , on noon , on after noon , on evening , on twilight etc . So you think you can beat me?

Choco , mock-o :
How many of us eat chocolate and curse about weight-gain? I'm one of them , get a high five . It could never be my fault to get obsessed with chocolates , my family brings me tons of them . Neighbours gift them and companies send them . What can a little innocent girl do? I am helpless with them so I eat them .
You see , intense chocolate . Don't ask I won't give even some . In case you make a puppy face......

Oldie Disney sweeties : 
No doubt I'm after Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez . I was away from Gomez for Biebs drama but things seem so smooth now . I am starting to getting back to her , downloaded her oldie goldies again , I'm hoping to get them all for coming #WeekBackup but Miley? She's my girl , my first celebrity crush since I didn't even know Hannah Montana were a same person . If you ever get a way through my laptop , my playlists are bombarded with Gomez & Miley's songs . ( and movies in an unsure way)

Wrestling more than WWE :
Without any wrapping , I do watch WWE , and it doesn't seem to get a stop . Probably would never . I am a Cena fan and would stay FOREVER . It's a different thing that half of the universe hate WWE but be warned , don't count me in . I am in Fiesto Del Rio , mocha shocka fox .

How badly I want to do " You can't see me".

Make-me up :
Legally , I am a make-up beauty at times , but obsession goes to Hi when Maybelline or NARS come along . I can't live without mascaras but here I should say maybelline's mascaras . Don't get a lie that my lashes were extended or have a birth-beauty . Though I am still a natural beauty.

Money :
Just kidding , I am not . But probably you are? Hah , gotcha ! So by big heart , get scrolled down and enter to win a loot bag from us . Just think what you could do with them? Get a COCO-something maybe? enter to win maybe?

$135 cash giveaway

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  1. You're truly obsessed with you too, duh! I can do this thing for you, you can't see me my time is now!

  2. Looks like a good giveaway, how come you can only enter if you are 18, if you are a teen yourself? (I am not trying to hate, I enjoy reading your blog)

    Townhouse Palette

  3. Great giveaway and of course I entered, how can anyone resist to maybe winning cash haha

    All Saints Day

  4. Oh and what I'd do with the money, buy all the stuff off ebay that I've been wanting for a while but was too expensive


  5. My little boy is going to be 1 next week so I'd definitely put it towards birthday stuff!

  6. I was addicted to Twitter when I first got it as well, but I have so many other social media sites to keep up to date with I just don't have as much time for it anymore.


  7. I've never played Candy Crush. Everyone is so obsessed with it, so I don't want to get obsessed. I love twitter too!

  8. I refuse to get into Candy Crush!!!! I love twitter too, just followed you on there =)

    Corinne x

  9. Candy Crush is SO crazy addicting and thank you for being part of this giveaway!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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