10 things my folks shouldn't know

1- Punctured cook : I CAN'T cook , nothing ! I live on other's recipes and dishes . Cooking on my own is nearly impossible . Kitchen is really not my partner , sorry!

2- Jewel junkie : Half of my shopping budget goes for jewellery , so if I'm broke at the mid of month . The reason is a good sale at my favourite jewellery designer .

3- Air-port love : My love for airports is unintentional . Those fancy part of my city ! I just don't have anything to relate there (except jet-lagging ) .

4- I own a blog : How many (10000) times it's been said folkies? I own/run/keep a secret blog .

5- Bad slangs : I'm not-so-good at slangs at first place . You throw a slang at me , I'd throw a brick another slang . But before , I'll search urban dictionary!

6- Bloggy besties :  Das it !!!!

7- Bad caller : You called me last night? Thank you! But I wouldn't call back . I am bad at calls , leave me a message , email , letter , love letter anything . But call me at your own credits ( PS : If Skype gives me extra credits , I might think to call you )

8- I love my notebook more : *Not Ryan Gosling's notebook* my HP notebook aka laptop is my d-d-dear . I seriously can't live without it . So if someone's going to use it , my heart is already pounding .

9- Grammar-freak : I can't stand frey-frey grammar . Use of X instead of S , or S instead of Z , or 0 instead of O , it's suppose to drive me craazzy!

10 - Nickie names : I had a few nick names , that I always wondered over . Legally it's "Noori" . A nick that's already bigger than my own name? #duh
Then Areeba implement a new one , Nu-Nu ( it sounds real cute) , and another one by Haley , it's BOOT ! (Thank you , autocorrect ) So if I'm ever changing my blog name from Noor's Place to Nu-Nu in boots , you know who's behind the idea ( Heya Areeba & Haley , I should give you both a nicky , but I'm less creative)

What's up , bloggy folkies?

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  1. Oh my god, this was so much fun to hear. Haha I'll let you on a few secrets of mine too.
    1) My entire family is unaware of the fact that I have a well-established blog and it'll be turning 1 this October.
    2) I can be a Grammar-Nazi at times. It just bugs me so much when I come across them.
    3) I have made some pretty amazing friends through blogging too, who surprisingly, actually gets what this is all about.
    4) And yes, I got nicknames too. haha my name got shortened to only my initial- 'S'.
    5) Last but not the least, I'm a bad caller myself too. I can reply your text, IM, email, tweet whenever you buzz or later. But there's something about phonecalls that itches me to keep distance! :D

    Loved reading it totally. xx

  2. You and your sister are really close. My blog is also a secret one too. kinda like a secret identity. my friends don't know i'm a blogger. I take lots of pictures everyday it's a wonder my parents haven't found out yet.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  3. My close family (parents and siblings) know about my blog but I refuse to tell most other people I know.

    As for shopping I never tell my parents whenever we talk about how much something cost they are very critical about that.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  4. New follower from meet and greet. I enjoyed your post.
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  5. I'm also quite poor at returning calls .. Phone calls are so inconvenient .. but I'll respond to an email right away .. lol.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  6. Just found you from the "Grab a Friend" Blog Hop :-)

    I, too, am a grammar nazi! It drives me absolutely bonkers when people intentionally don't use grammar properly.

  7. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  8. There are somethings in life that family just don't need to know :-)

    You know I'm a bad caller too, I never ever return calls, just text me for goodness sake!
    I also have a lot of slangs, can we be best friends please!?
    And I am the grammar police, watch out!!

  10. Haha this is hilarious! I 'm pretty good about returning calls, but emails are my downfall! I just let them pile up and then answer like 10 of them at a time.
    My favorite one is the nicknames! I have SO many of them. With a short name like yours, most nicknames tend to be longer than my actual name. My favorites include Heem, Heemz, Himies, Himez, Himster, and so on. It's funny, huh?
    You're the best Boot!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  11. Aww Boot, you gave me 3 shout outs! You're a total sweetheart. I didn't realize your blog was a secret. You know, that's too bad because you and Aree are very good at it. Keep doing what you love and loving what you do, even if it's hush hush.
    My question is... what do your folks think you're up to all that time you're spending on your computer?! I know my blogging takes up a lot of my time and my blog is stil in diapers in comparison to yours!
    Thank you again for all of your blogging support. It never goes unnoticed!

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  13. What if they find out about this blog? :)

  14. hehe this is so cute! I can relate, I think my mum would be so angry if she knew where my money was going haha. I told my parents I have a blog but I never tell them the address lol.....

    Sky High Style


  15. OMG! Such a wonderful post!! I'm always wondering how much personal info to share! So funny, none of my family cares that I have a blog! The Mother n law doesn't even know how to opperate a computer! So I'm good! LoL...

  16. I am a grammar freak too! I hate when people don't take the time to just use proper grammar! Also, your blog design is ADORABLE. New follower :)


  17. I just landed on your blog, super beautiful pictures ♡
    I’m going to look back, keep it up!

    If you have the time and inclination, take a look at my blog:


    Love, xoxo L. ♡

  18. I also don't discuss my blog with relatives and friends. Isn't it amazing that the encouragement and support we get are mainly from persons whom we have never met?! My mom knows a lot about my blog and support me though.


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