Wishing a driving license

I have a pretty obsession with driving . I still haven't gotten my license yet but I'm surely a crazy over it . The cars & vehicles are so tempting but out of reach . I'm afraid of bikes & cycles , and horses are not available right now .
I have tried a LOT just to drive somehow , I think it could be wild if the car didn't belong to dad . Well , I'm well aware .

But as a child , my biggest ambition was to drive somehow . If I could do so , it must had been a dream .
But I would share the things happened in between , while I tried to drive & how things didn't turn out well .
As a junior grader , I thought cars were so cool instead of barbies . Areeba would always play with them while I searched for something that could be driven { except a screw driver} . But thank God , it didn't lead me to a car racer!

When I grew up , cars in the garage were always my target . Once the whole family is inside , I'd be pretending to drive outside .
Once I begged to dad to let me drive just for a few seconds , I did really hard . So he said he'd let me drive . I sat on his lap { illegal enough} while he drove , I held the steering for exactly a few seconds & he held it as well . It went on for seconds and yay , I drove . Probably I don't need a license now . I'm a pro driver , you see .

Dad is way too cautious with his cars , he's got three . Yeah , he's a big man . But care too much for them !
He told me once he was driving almost at 12 AM , when a young guy chased his car . Dad stopped at signal and the guy stopped just after him , and shrieked : " Hey , wanna race"? Dad replied : " Your dad bought you this car , but I bought it on my own" . The guy left . Dad's a genius .

Well , I'm glad to see you're here , reading me over your morning walk or evening tea . Sit for a while & talk to me maybe . I am so happy that my little blog has reached 599 , or probably when you'd read . they'll be 600 . I didn't expect it all in just few months , I am so happy to be here . Around you all amazing people . Thank guys! for letting me feel awesome .

If you've a few spare minutes , I'd love to show you a few things :
I was a guest at Chelsea's blog . Guess what I wrote? 4 things only bloggers can relate . I'd love if you're gonna read it .

A big news , I'll reveal the details in coming days but I'm starting a link up soon , a fun ones . I couldn't get enough of your love for Grab a friend so what about #WeekBackup ? Check out and let me know what do you think? Will you be coming over for next week? 

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  2. I believe he's never going to race, he knows his money worth more than a race!

  3. you look so cute!! haha, this gif is so funny xD I would like to pass this exam some day :)

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  4. Ha I love the Barbie pic :-)
    Your very stunning noor :-)
    I have a licence but don't have a car :(
    Leila xx
    Www.justleilajoycey.blog spot.co.uk

  5. How old do you have to be to sit for your license? I actually hate driving, I'm petrified!

  6. You certainly have me smiling early on this Sunday morning Noor! I love that moving picture. My twin and I took driving lessons many years ago and were not doing badly at all. Unfortunately we stopped and I am finding it difficult to start again. Anyway I may just give it a try one of these days. Being able to drive makes one so independent. I just love the answer your father gave that guy! Beautiful picture of you in the post! Have a great week.

  7. Ahaha I've never seen driving as much of a big deal. Just something necessary to get from point A to point B, whenever you go for your license I wish you the very best of luck Miss Noor!

  8. Interesting Weebackup concept! :)
    Ohhh I wish to drive too! But I gotta get a car to drive first. LOL :)
    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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  9. I have to say that I was not one of those teenagers who was dying to drive. Likely because I have never been particularly good at it. But I can't imagine now not having my driver's license.


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