I've been quite slow with these week , woosh I can't believe it . My whole week is summed up on laying on couch , carrying my laptop , eating a lot & drinking every other drink . I am living in heaven .
It's time to back up week . It's wonderful to see rain in town again , even if it's a few drops . My luck is always up!

When it finally rained , the bougainvillea in Grandmas yard just flourished . I love those flowers but err only at trees , yet they're light weighted and cause a lot of unwanted trash around yard . I am loving this picture more because they're pink & high five for everything girlish .

Are you a party peep? but haven't heard it? Oh come on , you should . It's a tune only Miley could do . This song is literally stuck in my mind unless I collide into a more crazy party tune . 


I'm hating everything about it . The noisey horns , yuk-able smoke , crazy dudes running over speed and almost colliding with every other car . Now I gotta blame Dad for driving at 30 only . I am troubled , troubled and hating it . If only I can find a racing dude , I'd love to throw something , or have you got a better idea?

recipe { if you're a foodie or hungry so much to grab right now}

I'm officially going for pasta . This week I have eaten a pretty amount , though both tasty and very non tasty . With potatoes , tomatoes , carrot , pineapple . Make a chart of all possible home made things , I should have married a chef , I guess .

Here'e the true part , who says I can't be tougher at truths . It's the best thing I've been saying in the past week and I'm a firm believer now . I love food and people + now you know it .

Now it's your turn . Kick off your shoes and write/back up your whole week . I'm waiting to check and hear what you did or just layed across your couch , then you're my soul sister probably .

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Thingy aka rules :
Write a whole back up post of your week in Picture , Song , Trouble , Food , saying of the week .
Grab the pretty button and show off the world .
Twitter-aholic? Tweet it with hashtag #WeekBackup and hang me around with it .
Follow me so we can be besties .
Link up on every Saturday .
Hop around and grab some awesome people { Hop like rabbits , we all love them}
{ I am so excited to see what you guys are coming up with , cheers}

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  1. Love this! P.s> I just realized you were a twin! I have a twin too! Love your blog!

  2. Enjoyed all your photos!

  3. just posted mine. I love pasta!
    Gem :)

  4. I hate traffic too. I sure if I had to drive often in high traffic areas I would be one of those people who experiences road rage.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  5. You love Miley Cyrus? I love her, I was in her Gypsy Heart Tour in Manila. I feel like I'm too old for her music though...you have a very nice blog :)

  6. Super stoked about another Noor's Place bloggy hop! :) Your week sound much like mine - couch, tv and food. Not a bad week... lol

    Heather @ www.parsimoniousSwank.blogspot.com


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