Waving new Hi's & Bye's

June's already throwing a big hug of summer heat around , and I am jealous . Probably because clouds are showing pretty weather but NO rain , it doesn't seem so fair .
But June has been more than awesome . There's been a lot of changes , let me list .

Hi new clothes , no to oldies :
Summer is way too convincible to spice up wardrobe . Excuses to wools & knits . I am up for chiffons!! Afterall it's summer .

Bye Pantene , I have got Dove :
I guess I am the only person on Earth who changes shampoo after a little while . Frizzy hair holders , hands up for Dove . It's no secret that I am already on for Dove bars but it's time for Hair care .

Lol , this picture would make a difference .

Hi new blog design , it's time to show off :
I can't describe the fun I had working with Krystal { aka Spunkee Belle in blogosphere } . And her glam-y ideas made me go Woah . I can't wait to share her blog & design with you all . She'll join me soon so be ready for some chit-chat . So here comes her design { and my creativity , applaud a little }
{ Like it? You can have one from NBD studio }

Bye Facebook , Twitter is champ here :
I can't imagine how fool I had been , ignoring Twitter . But now I have ditched facebook . So shoo shoo baby FB , I am roaming around Twitter 24/7 { I guess } . Haven't you got me around? Let's talk for a looong while , I am @NoorsLense , you?

Hi all lovely followers via Grab A Friend , it's time to meet :
I can't believe how big Grab a Friend has grown in a few weeks . I am so thankful of all you lovely guys { Soon , I am gonna send out letters of thankfulness }. So thank you each and everyone who links up & share a word around .
Blog Hop

Bye Nokia , I am up for Apple :
Since my begging for Mum , Dad , big bro & all the rest with all my stacked money . I intend to have a new beauty in my life , an iPod Touch gen 5 . I am sooooo on for it . I had a spare Nokia phone from my auny but it rarely worked nicely . All my email would stay stuck for long , so I feel like justice is done already.

Hi sponsors , I LOVE you :
I had the best sponsoring time in June . I got a lesson as well , " Sponsoring just doesn't mean exposure , probably your bucks would find you a new bestie " . It's my record to spam my sponsors twitter { lol , just kidding , it's what called promos} . A love shout out to Jackie , Sarah , Zoe , Caroline , Samantha & probably next is you if you're becoming a sponsor ;D

I am linking up with Wildcard Wednesday & Grab A Friend . You should too ;)

PS : I am having a group giveaway soon , so probably if you wanna join us . I would reserve a spot for ya ! Just join by filling it ;)
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  1. I love the Blog design you did!
    I'm a sucker for apple, I *should* support Nokia since it's a finnish company, but I prefer iPhone O_O. My husband is using my Nokia phone tho and it never seems to get broken. An old model :D
    x, Lara

  2. amazing :)

    - A.

  3. Ahh, I love my Android phone! I never hear people say they love their iPhone anymore lol

    New clothes is always fun!

  4. Love the post! thanks so much for sharing! xo xo

  5. I love your blog design!


  6. i change shampoo too all the time. I can't use the same one for a long time coz it gives me dandruff, yuck!

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  7. Hi! I would like to invite you to join my new giveaway and win a pair of glasses from Firmoo.com or 20 dollars on a vooucher for Firmoo's eyewear :) Visit me soon! ^^


  8. Hi I changed shampoo all the time, lately i been using John Frida Red tint hair shampoo as i'm trying to keep the redness in my hair lasting longer.


  9. Out with the old and in with the New!! Great slogan!! lol


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