Sports faaaaandom talk

Sports and fandom , is totally a great couple together . I don't think it can be apart by any means . I'm literally pointing out sports starts by ALL means.

Me & Grandpa are so serious on these issues , if his favourites loses . I will always have to be there to support him , but if my favourites are the losers , he is no way leaving it , instead he thinks I support losers . Not fair , Grandpa !
Well , it's me who's yelling & shrieking with happiness with John Cena's victory speech over Mark Henry on WWE money bank , you go MAN!

"In three weeks, you are going to find out what the world already knows: Our time is now and The Champ is here!" - He said & I love .
I sometimes wonder , my dad's an awesome Accountant and a very polite . news paper reading Dad . 
Mum is a simple reality T.V  loving woman . There's no one who can compete me there , lol { a devilish ones}. In case I'm forgetting Areeba maybe .
In my views , fandom over WWE is very simple . You've got to watch a lot of super fights { okay if only you love to} , crushing over Staaaaaaaaaaaars , enjoying some cat fights & a lot of drama .

Rules of watching a sport event :
You don't have Mum , Dad around { no crushing would be allowed then}
Haven't got a fan sign? Well you should buy one from outside
If you're watching T.V , shriek in a while at least 
If your favourite star is a wrestler then you should close your eyes when he's being beaten
If you're non-alcoholic , get yourself a Coke 
Okay I am short-listed here , share some?
I'm linking this post up with the sport fandom stadium,  Fan Friday of Venus aka Sarah.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Time for a #backthatazzup jam .
This song is literally stuck in my mind , probably lack of partying so I am envying Miley.

It's already Friday and I am sooooooooooooo excited for #WeekBackup . If you haven't made up your mind yet , just kick off your shoes and pick up yourself to write . You're gonna love it .

Haven't you met Catherine yet? She's hanging out with me for the rest of the month , woohoo . Just visit her & tell her that I sent you . Pip pip!

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  1. Yes, you need a sign! And a foam finger!!!

  2. I like the look of your blog a lot noor. I'm not into wrestling wee bit. But it runs in my family, guess my boys will find it somewhere in between growing up. and I'l remember your tips ;)

  3. I hate wrestling LOL! I did used to watch when it was The Rock that was all they talked about. I even went to a WWF (that's what it was when I watched it) thing once and I saw The Rock, Chyna and Triple H and the Hardy boys. Ahhh the good ol days :)

  4. I watch hockey only nowadays as wrestling is not on my tv channels.. :D I used to watch show wrestling before tho :D


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