Let's confess.. a few!

Beside enjoying sunny morning and waiting for a cup of tea , I'm waving a huge HI to all of you!
I truly was out of my mind to get creative , so I skipped from bloggy schedule & jumped to a topic . Woohoo confessions . I am way too right to skip them but huh , let's share a few .

I eat more than I think 
Probably the thought I would HATE to admit but yeah , I eat too much . But if someone starts to think I do , I'm gonna do a WWIII . I eat but I don't want anyone to know . If they do , oh no they wouldn't .

Talk talk till drop
being talkative is not a crime , unless you're being a real talkalista . I mean it . How long can I talk? I just don't remember , probably I should ask my only hometownie friend who is a better neighbour to talk along or may be TAG along . I love her!

Pretending MASTER 
I am a kid who doesn't go to family gatherings too much . But if by chance I have { forced} to , I'd have to meet many folks I know but I don't want to . { Probably you know what I'm saying} . The aunt of aunt of uncle's aunt . I can't go through so everytime , I'd pretend to not know . Anyone , any time .

I love Mirror 
It's the thing I figured out too recently , actually my Mum did . I love my mirror , or me in mirror . So it sums up to all on me . I need seven more mirrors in our house yet we already have seven . Always make a great deal or don't make a deal at all !

Lol , I think mine are so simple . Probably have got something in same with you? Well then you shouldn't be so shy so share a few with me? Will you ?
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