It's a fan Friday + Meet Jackie

Woah , I can't believe school is finally over for the rest of the summer . I had attended my sport's day on Thursday and woot  , this session has come to an end . So why not vamos a la playa ;)

Let's share a secret , a big huge secret , direct from my heart . 
I forced myself to share , YEAH! When I saw something on Sarah's blog . I swear I wanted to write .
I am a fan very BIG fan of John Cena . Probably some of you know if but not everyone knows how much . It's just much much .

I still wonder how it happened , not a long story . Me & my my grandpa used to watch night shows together . He loves WWE & I only support him . I actually don't like so much fight and drama together but I never wanted to miss Cena fights . Yet it made me the super fan in our house .
Now things are getting crazy or probably super crazy . I have downloaded "My time is now" album and have got the "John Cena" ringtone set on my alarm { What else is better than wake up by his tune?}

It is not ending here , let me list all the stuff that's just out of my hands.

-Whenever I am not around television and John Cena appears on screen , Areeba would shout no matter wherever I am . Mum is also up to this thing , but cannot totally compete Areeba . { Thanks girl , I am shouting it out}

-My Grandma has got the idea too . When I was staring at T.V screen so he said to me , " John Cena is the most handsome man of WWE . Isn't he?" WHAT? Grandpa it couldn't get any better . INDEED .

-Image search engines , damn they're so useful . I have been spending hours just for his pictures :')

- When I posted Sunday Social & featured him there . My mum saw it and said " Cena's here , too? " Me , "Oh yep " . Then I scrolled down so there was my picture . Mum giggled and said " Noor Cena?"  GOD , I wanted her to mean it .

Woah , I am finally feeling awesome to post it . History is being created , my readers have known it , so yay :')
Venus Trapped in Mars

Now meet lovely Jackie from Jade & Oak .
Have got a same secret? GOSH share it nowww . Can't say? Okay girl , email me NOW.

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  1. my fiance watches wwe so i totally get it haha. excited to be featured on your blog today! have a lovely weekend!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. I completely understand your feelings on him. What a stud muffin! :)

  3. I like John Cena ... I think he's handsome in his own studly way!

    Thank you for co-hosting the I Love My Post hop ... Following along with you on Twitter :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. Umm I Super Heart John Cena!!!

  5. Cool fandom post Noor! John Cena is cool :) Tell us your story then when you befriend your John Cena schoolmate. LOL :)

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  6. Wow great post, rob likes wwe and he is also a fan of john cena I must say heis eye candy :-)
    Leila xx
    Justleilajoycey.blog spot.co.uk


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