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Getting styled is one of the pretty things I list for myself . No , I don't really like to wait until my marriage or being a bridesmaid . I try to reach stylists in any ways { even if it's my neighbour lady} .
I am always itching to get a new fashion resource as well as a stylist corner at any price .

So here's one of the great resources , step into Stylight .

Stylight is an awesome fashion community as well as an amazing fashion search engine.  You can make boards with your outfits or let's just make a wishlist type for a season. Getting some styling inspiration from other bloggers & amazing styling tips around {yepppiii}.

I started with a profile & made my mood board . I am sooo on for summer so my first board was for summer styling .

Haha , there's a fun option to add a song . Guess what I added? Summer's not hot by Selena Gomez . I just love it . There're other options to add quotes and stuff .

The best part I would surely mention was a quick shop , I am a big fan of Adidas , and they are offering Adidas Trainers women collection so generously { Aha , am I too lucky?}
And a funny sounded Chie Mihara , the best boots you'd ever found :)

I am sure if you're visiting Stylight , you'd give up making a board before leaving ;) Doubt it? Try yourself !

So what's your styling secret, share it maybe?
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{PS : This post is made by the ideas of me & Stylight team . There's nothing else in between & whole post and idea is genuinely observed and made by me}
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  1. Thanks for sharing - Can't wait to give Stylelight a try! :)

  2. Hi! Liked your page. Lots of great items for summer above in your post.

  3. this looks like a cool website, definitely checking it out!

    xx, alicia
    river city chic

  4. I'm loving that wrap bracelet!

  5. Nice board! I'll have to give it a try :)

  6. From this post, I now am really curious to check this site out!

  7. I also followed you Noor! (delicate_dandelion)


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