Don't go empty pockets to college {rent books}

I can relate my self to an empty pocket drama { well a serious issue} when I got into high school . everything else seemed pretty fine and exquisite . I had been actually wonderstruck and would spend half of my pocket money on blah blah things . Woot , that time I didn't have any kinda job or paid facility except my innocent pocket money or dad's bank support .
So I was spending money freely on my own little tid bits when a high school circular danced upon my eyes , it was cirriculum  books notes .
I bought new books immediately , they cost A LOT much than I had ever dreamed of . So for the rest of the year , I was like " No to party , reading my books " . From that moment , I was so sure I wouldn't buy new books again . I mean when there're a lot many other options like renting books . Why would I go for new ones plus their taxes made me realize the value of money along with the issue of non-paid students . Whoosh , I still felt a little broken . Plus I also had to pay for my school notes that were quite expensive { and useless as printed on paper only}

{Poor me , exams time back in first year}

But I don't have any "THAT" kinda plans for college like I have had in high school . I had been introduced to the perks of renting and seriously I started loving it much more than you'd ever do .
One of the providers are Campus Book Rentals . They're one of the pretty awesome company of book rentals of US .
Their perks are
Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices > -free shipping both ways > -can highlight in the textbooks > -flexible renting periods!!
Yay , sounds like heaven right? I am so up for the feature of highlighting . I am a little responsible to note / configure a lecture ;)
One good thing , by each rented book , they donate to Operations Smiles . 
Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives.
And one more thing , their Rent Back program is the super catchy . You can send your old books to them & they'll rent it to other students . The books will get rented and you'll get paid . It will go on & on as long as your books are in demand . Help to help & benefit to benefit . Doesn't it sound amazing?

So I have already made clear decisions for college , woohs . So it's surely gonna be a little more extra fun time while I learn more on saving money and make some ;)

How was your college plans? Did you rent books?
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SPONSORED : This post is made by the sponsorship of Campus Book Rentals . All ideas and expressions are genuinely my own.

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