8 Things do to in Blogosphere

Blogosphere = Bloggy/Blogger world , where we live almost 24/7 & meet the lovely people all around the globe . So I would love to be an ambassador for a tour with you , maybe?

The real fun of blogging is to meet new mates , yeah ! You'd get to know a lot more awesome peeps if you go to explore a little . I had been a little fool to not do it early , instead I kept writing and inviting my friends that feels so lazy now . Exploring will find you a blog bestie & talk { leave a comment , post a tweet} will be the way to strengthen it . Believe me , Boo!
{ And pleaaaasssseee be a reply-blogger }

I found my first participation in blog hops in the first month of blogging , and I take it as PRETTY late . Blog hops are the best way to find new blogs . Plus some awesome peeps would find the way to your blog so there'd be a lot of time to figure bloggy things out { meet ups , swaps } .

Come on guys , life is pretty hard without being social { even if it's like visiting my old neighbour lady} . So in blogosphere , being social is surely certain  . Facebook , Twitter , G+ are the king or queen or probably prince/princess of social interaction { after comments } so be sure you're using them all & using well . I mean using Twitter just for random tweets can be better if you tweet your bloggy mate " What a wonderful post you did today" #BloggyLove .

Sponsorships are the best ways to take a word out about your blog in blogosphere . But there're are always certain things to remember if you're planning to sponsor , what does it OFFER ? I mean it would be crazy that you're paying almost 10$ bucks just for a PLAIN ad . It's dumb . Always consider the " features" first
Good features : Guest post , giveaway option , social shout outs , mentions , features ETC
Dumb features : Side bar ad , rotates for maximum exposure blah blah .

They're my loved part . Bloggy events are like 1- Hello Box : where you will be paired up with a person for the rest of the month , so you can know each other better by talking , sending gifts etc . 2- Giveaway contributions : You looked at a post named as giveaway sign ups or blogger opp? Give it a try , it will be like  putting together money & arrange a gift to giveaway . I swear it's wonderful .

Twitter is my fun part to connect around , and of course tweets are sweet candies . If you're new around , you should take Twitter as back bone of social interaction . You liked something , tweet it . Have got a news ? Share it . #ItsTimeToShare

Once you're pretty much done with your blog relations , let's be optimistic about the look of your blog . The quote "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is quite changed with " People do judge the blog by it's design" . Get yourself a design that matches your style { shameless plugin : If you love mine , I'd love to design one for you happily } Just saying , whoever you choose or do yourself , keep it simple and related to what you do .

It would be awesome if you're always willing to discover new things , trends and bloggers . 
Like you should welcome new lovely ladies on my side bar { clicks on left , you'd fall in love } and awesome people at Grab a Friend . Woah , if you're still wanting new things to discover , #WeekBackup is waiting for you .
{Advance Welcomes - very much }

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  1. agree!!! although I don't post my blog links on twitter for personal reasons I post them on my blogs facebook page.

    I do like to interact with other bloggers by commenting but sometimes that blog owner doesnt reply back which is plain rude. Lol

  2. Great post Noor... I love your ideas.. must try a few.
    Blog | Giveaway

  3. This is a great post! Definitely trying out some of your points! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  4. Awesome list, Noor! Blogging has introduced me to so many great people. It's really a lot of fun. =0)

  5. hey! just checking out your blog and I love it :) You posted on my blog hop post so I decided to come check yours out and follow back. Your layout is gorgeous and I really like this post showing all the opportunities bloggers have. I'd love to stay in contact :) Always looking for new blogging friends! If you ever want to chat contact me at info@sammyjaylifestyle.com

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  7. Hi Noor!
    thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)
    I love your advice here.
    gem :)

  8. Lots of good advice! Especially for new bloggers like myself. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Stopping by from Friend Connect Blog Hop.
    Cohost @JLenniDorner

    I would LOVE to get a bloggie best friend! I will check out both Hello Box and Grab a Friend!

  10. AMAZING tips sweetheart! I wish I could find more events. Love the idea of pairing up with a buddy for a month! I'm not very good at connecting on Twitter. I can't seem to make friends there *sulks*

    Thanks for these tips!

    Leanne oxo

  11. Lots of great advice about things to do in the blogosphere!

  12. I love this blog! First time I've run into it, so glad I did :)

    Feel free to look around TransparentDimensions, hope to hear from you soon!

  13. Agree Noor! Great! Love this dear!

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  14. Great points! It's pretty cool when you can converse with, be inspired by and become friends with people located all around the world. :)

  15. I could not agree more! You absolutely must do these things if you want your blog to grow, and who doesn't?
    I am now following you from the Aloha Hop.

  16. Awesome advice! I feel so guilty for not doing so much of this lately; I really need to be a much better bloggy friend to all of my buds in the blogosphere! I have yet to attend a blog conference, though it's definitely on my list of things to do. I have done a few smaller blog meet-ups (I find them to be a little less intimidating, but you're right--what's the point without INTERACTION?! I mean, isn't that why we do this in the first place?)

    Great post! XOXO

  17. Wonderful tips! I'm actually in the middle of hosting my first link party and I love it! Stopping in fro sharefest!

  18. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  19. The social interactions and exploring and meeting new people is definitely one of the best parts of blogging!

  20. Great advice Noor! Thanks for the tips; I'm a relatively new blogger so I appreciate the advice!


  21. Hi, Noor, Assalamoalaykum,
    I see your blog. It is nice. You may also see my blog http://noor-myfun.blogspot.com and my site http://sites.google.com/site/aakar0786 and give my suggestion for its betterness.
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  22. Cool advices! Gotta try it soon! Happy making friends!


  23. Lovely tips, though I'm not exactly sure what a link-up or blog hop is?


  24. Wow its really amazing and interesting blog
    i really like it


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