5 unwritten rules of Birthday parties

Last night , when I was more than sleepy . I could see a fuss around my house , and a bit in neighbour . I thought probably some crazy kids are hanging around . But mom & Areeba left in hurry and called me to come over at neighbours as well .
I was still in night PJs but I moved anyways , a bit late . When I entered their lounge , I was welcomed by a cake . Oh it wasn't tasty because they spilled the cream on my face . Yuk!
Then I was told that it was neighbour girl's birthday . And ofcourse , we celebrated in a crazy manner .
There was so much to do , that I listed the things we'd been doing silently . But they had to be done .

Party doesn't start without cake & it's not necessary to eat it . Sometimes , it comes directly to your face . I have learnt this rule that birthday girls can be cruel enough to ruin makeup with spilling cake cream on my face. When I attend birthday parties , I always keep my make up kit with me because there's no way of prevention as it's an unwritten rule . You can't always eat cake .

Imagine a party without balloon? Ewww! But they're used more than balloons , a puffy air bomb . When party is going down , you have to blast it under someone's chair or probably in a serious mood . Afterall you're celebrating someone's birthday party & balloon's are the rockstars of a party . Probably the noisey ones!

You're suppose to have nice drinks over in party , think again . If you want a drink , you just can't simply have it . Hand over a gift first . Or people would turn mean & you gotta forget your drink . So play nice around . You can't find a pretty deal than this in a birthday . BOOM!

The birthday tunes can't be slow . After all someone has just turned twenty . Or may be sixteen . You can't imagine a "The last Song" tunes over the party . We'd rock on "Party in the USA" . Have got cranky neighbours? Invite them as well . But if volume drops , there must be a breakdown .

You know there's hardly a snap in parties that can be called good . But the rule can't be over written . These pictures will dance around social media , will go on Facebook & will get tagged . People would comment . So there's no way to beg because it has to be happened!

I am personally very on for all the rules , I get around with them so I put along as well . What are the rules you get through? I am sure Pictures rule is same in all parties ;)

I'd love to invite ya'll to #WeekBackup , that's in coming Saturday . So be sure to get details :)

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  1. I don't usually like birthday parties for MYSELF but for my kids I like to make sure its' BIG. I usually do everything on my own. Lol

  2. Lol this post really reminds me of why I hate birthday parties!

  3. hahaa i liove this! following you back now!!

  4. What a stunning blog you have! I love the glitter and the green. Perfect combo. Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog for The Collective!


  5. lol, these are so true. i learned that cake rule back in high school >_<

    erica | sweets + hearts

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower from the Tuesday hop. LOLing at the cake, and yes. It can be on your face, in your clothes and wherever!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


  7. Cake izzzz for eating ;D! My birthday is soon but guess there will be no party. D'oh. perhaps I could at least hang some balloon bombs.

  8. dropping by from the hop :

    following on GFC and G+ (rock oomph).

    COACH Bag Giveaway!

  9. haha--still sounds like a fun time to me!

  10. I enjoyed this post Noor! I have not been to a birthday party in ages but I have noted the unwritten rules!:)

  11. LOL, I love the "Party doesn't start without the cake." That's how I feel!! At my sister's wedding reception they forgot to give our whole table cake (we were the bridal party!) and I didn't want to go up and dance until I got a piece! At my other sister's wedding she ran out of cake because she got so many late RSVP's. Hopefully the cake curse doesn't follow me if I ever get married!

    Visiting you via through Grab a Friend Bloghop and following you via GFC!

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