5 Reason I get out of money + rescues

Happy June lovelies , this month has started with Bang Bang Dang . 

I had thought I was really out of money in the very start of June  , and Mum was surely not giving me a penny . Okay I was rescued by then , Dad . That's the reason I love him . { My bank is a safe side otherwise }
I am seriously {not so} thinking on reasons why I do so , I really should have .

1-Food & Mc'Donald :
I am a FOODIE & I know it . It's all based on Omnomnom stuff I see around , I really don't mean any harm to my money but foooood. Plus Mc'donalds . I am so potential to spend my whole day in Mc cafe . When eventually , it hurts .

2-Exotic Soft drinks :
Why shouldn't grab a coke or pepsi? I want more . Some swift drinks or probably french? Thanks  no God , I don't wanna live around a super awesome store so near anymore .

3-Wi-Fi :
It's kinda legal . I don't try to hack anyone's but when Mc Donald's doesn't provide good quality Wi-Fi { though they get it paid by burgers} so I have to look for some super sonic Wi-Fi which is expensive DUH.

They're destructive . They really are . It's not an age when we wrote a wishlist on papers and some fairies grab it & bring stuff from Fairy land . It's the century of Apple & Samsung , and I am pretty sure fairies are not gonna get them for us for free .

5-Fancy Gadgets:
Don't tell me Apple has already launched a bunch of pretty coloured iPods & iPads , that are super awesome . { I didn't hear you said } . If I have heard , I am wanting it . Now Now Now .

Now let's come to the rescues :

1-Foodies should get on diet . I seriously recommend it & surely thinking to get on one . If you are out of ideas , explore bloggy world .
2-Exoctic drinks , survive on water . Just think it's drunk all over the world .Switzerland , France , America & more . Isn't it so exoctic?
3-Wi-Fi users , let's go on a healthy trip out of these messes . I hope we stay their for a year?
4-Wishlists shouldn't be made at all . If you made one , burn it , or throw it in deep oceans . Hope someone can read it there and send you the items {save your money}
5-Fancy gadgets , when you see them . Just close your eyes and dream of getting a new job . With both you would have got a lot money ;)

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  1. Nice tips hun :)
    I will never give up Coca Cola and fancy gadgets.. but the rest are great tips. I use free wi-fi wherever it's available (in my city it's free in pretty many places :))

  2. Great post! I thought it was funny :) I wish fairies would come give us the stuff on our wish lists! Have a great week!

  3. I think you're right, I better close my eyes when lookin at those fancy gadgets. Lol. Visiting here.


  4. Wish lists and seeing other peoples wish lists can lead to bank account problems, for sure ;-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  5. Hi flower, your blog is really amazing! Fascinating posts! I just love it and I'm following! I hope you'll visit me and follow mine too.

    Kisses from Russia, www.annmartynova.ru

  6. i've not had a mcdonalds in aaaaages! I used to spend far too much on food, and my wallet really used to feel it, and so did my waist so now I'm on a diet....*sigh* oh well, at least I will save some money :P

  7. I live in Hollywood, Ca so things out here are very expensive. I'm a foodie myself and will spend an entire paycheck just on eating out. Then I got a crock pot. You save tons of money buying groceries. Sodas are always on sale even if it's not Pepsi or Coke. Now you'll have extra money to buy things you don't need or save (something I've never done).

  8. great post! i love those things too, havent had a mcdonalds in years, i dont have wishlists cos i cant afford anything! and i never know when fancy gadgets come out so that helps too!
    Following you now :)

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  9. Great Post, My household go through so much Coca Cola it is unreal


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