Summer Sponsor Program , you're going WOW

I had been planning to launch my summer sponsorship plan but I was out of time to create & design . I had already made plans , I just had to execute it . SO now , presenting the new sponsorship program starting just from summer :)
I have divided ads into three programs . 

First ad , Wonderstruck is 300X200 . 
All of the features above will be executed right as you want . The designed button is optional , if only you want to have one from me :) 

Second ad is Magic Mirror , which is 290x160.
All the features stated above will be added :)

Third is Featured spot, which is 658x110.

I was so excited for this one . Though it is already taken for NBD . But if you need it immediately , I would displaced that ad & add yours right now . But the actual opening is from 26 June .

I have added all my love & effort with these ads . I just want to help other bloggers out as I know how a boost sponsor is needed by any one . I still remember the time when I was a newbie so just don't hesitate yourself asking about anything :)
I ahve planned to make summer a super sponsor blast , are you ready? ;)
All these ads will be live from 1st June . SO reserve your spots now :)

I have been verifying entries of May's group giveaway , I will announce the winners soon :)
Have a great time,

Featured AD space :

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  1. Lovely blog. I am a new follower via GFC from the bloghop. Please follow back

    Have a beautiful day


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