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I am a social media person . It's true & couldn't be denied . I love to see the memories of my loved ones through Facebook who are mile away . I catch up people through Twitter 's micro updates & love to teach myself beautiful DIYs and yummy recipes through Pinterest . I can pass my time on Youtube , watching amazing people's creativity & can hook up myself on Tumblr to see amazing Photography .

But if it comes to one social media channel , I would choose Twitter . Twitter is what I really want in a social media . The micro-messages , that everyone can catch up . A few words can define anything , a mini convo can make a huge difference . That's what Twitter does .
The sharing of photos with limited caption , it makes sense :)
( So they want people to be quite somehow or talk less , great message by the way )

I could go for Facebook if it was a while ago , but I can see the negativity impossed by social media too . I mean it.
But I would surely love to cast my vote for Twitter when it comes to favourite social media :)
My style picks while I am standing for Twitter ;)
What's your favourite social media channel?
#BEDM day 9

I would love to say a huge thanks to all the people who are participating in group giveaway signups. I have added a button on my side bar so you can easily navigate through .


Thank you for reading my blog. Leave a comment & share your thoughts with me :)

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