Skin calls for.. HELP?

{Dove-d skin aka perfect}

I have seen a lot {many} people who cares about the complexion , which actually doesn't matter . The real beauty of skin is measured by the shine , perfect look . 
In my high school time , I never got any encounter with pimples because of highly dry skin . Though it costed 
me a lot use of moisturisers but at least I didn't get a mess with pimples . But my skin called for help when I just didn't think about it . My skin didn't feel so shinny or even healthy though I take fruits & healthy {stuff} .

Shinny skin feels glowing from far , I always wanted to have it . 
It made me realized to do something , I don't believe in beauty treatments much so I had to do something on my own . I had been hearing too much about Dove bars & remembered my mum used it when I was a kid .
So I made a skin essential chart with all the brands I had been using since as a kid , preferably the advanced version . 

My essential actually bases on Dove bar . They're amazing . I got the result at first wash , if you're using Dove in any product , you may know their women strength campaign too . I support it all + they're really superb.
Next Nivea & vaseline , I use vaseline chaps & moisturisers and Nivea's lotions . Nivea is the oldest brand I have been using . The lotions are always so cool .
I prefer body washes / shower gels over bath soaps . I have an addiction to collect them & use new and different brands , especially with yummy scents { I don't dare to taste } .
All of it sums up to a bright skin , and if they all are of your skin type . You're gonna be a queen . 
All I use are products , but I am sure I am gonna use some masks or stuff soon .

What do you do for your skin?

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  1. I love Dove products! :) What a gorgeous blog you have, girl. The design is just amazing!

    So glad I found ya through the blog hop - excited to follow along via GFC & read more! :)




  2. found your blog from the blog hop at Her and Nicole. I love your bath and body works products. I am such a junky for that store. my blog is: http://myeloquentrambles.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh to have young and beautiful skin again!! :) I love Oil of Olay since I am older!! But I still use Dove wash products too. Thanks for following my blog too! Love yours!!

  4. Hi!
    New DIY post on my blog!
    and don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY and win Firmoo glasses!

  5. Great post! I've recently started using Dove products after many years and my skin seems much happier. Your skin looks flawless, you are very lucky to never experience pimples! I found your blog via the better blog network :) xx

  6. Wow, really? I will try it as soon as possible, It might be a good thing to try :-P Btw, love your smile, Noor. You look so sweet:-)


  7. Gotta love Dove products!


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