Pamperin' myself

 Whenever I get home from school , I only need my air condition on & a glasses of juice . My mum always prepares this stuff for me ( I luvvvv her ) . Though I guess I am a little too much grown up for her pampering like that . But mums are always mums :)
When it comes to pampering myself , I would always start with my skin . I use Dove beauty bars "generously" . I have been using beauty bars for long & I have totally fallen in love with them .
Relax , this word sounds like heaven to me . I love to sit on the couches of our living room & tune in my favourite T.V shows with a cup of tea. I also enjoy painting my nails in neon or pastel colours :)

I can't wait for this week to come to an end . It has been too long ( or I have been so busy ) .
I have planned a movie night , to watch The Last Song . I've seen this movie a thousand times but I still can't get enough . Simply lovely and remind me of "Never stop believing" example . I will get in depths of it soon ;)

I fell in love with the purple dress that Miley Cyrus wore in the Last Song . And I still love it .


  1. Great post!
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  2. sounds like a great night! I am definitely due a pamper session x

  3. a new nailpolish / manicure is always a good choice :)


  4. I absolutely LOVE the smell of dove!

  5. Us girls would love to pamper a lot hehe :) Cool!!! :)

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  6. I'm bad at pampering myself.. I usually procrastinate & overdose coffee every morning and that's pretty much it :D
    x, Lara


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