Newsflash this morning!

I don't like news channels . They first hesitate then come to the real topic . It feels frustrating . But I always have a peek on the news flash aka headlines & if it comes from entertainment news . I totally watch it .

I saw newsflash just in morning about Taylor Swift's victory over 8 billboards music awards . Oh god , more than two hat tricks . She's a lovely artist & I love her country collection but 8 are MUCH more . She's one the first artists I started listening in my early teens and bought their golden collection etc etc .

I was like the same*

Regional news are always terrifying . Fight for the right of the power & other issues just make my head ache . I pretty find myself awesome looking over entertainment or fashion styling news .

Other weird news was related to Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez . That Justin is going to buy Selena an engagement ring . Oh c'mon guys , it has been a great drama since you're getting together & splitting . We just want to listen your music , it's not about your personal stuff {anymore} .
I watch teen news part fondly than anything else . They're fun ;)

I would love to say a huge thanks to all who took part in Giveaway signups ! They giveaway is going to be live soon . SO if you didn't take part in sign ups , why not enter it for yourself? There're gonna be awesome stuff ( believe me ) . See you guys there :)

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