My First Job

My first job was designing . I had been studying computer science at initial stage then I was asked for some designs . It was not so difficult . So I had submitted my design for 9$ .
It was a huge happiness moment . They weren't just 9$ . They were my earning , something I earned on my own .
Then it went on , I designed other banners for some of my friends , they were all happy with what I did . So I had a clear vision what would I do far farther .
Though I never thought I could go for Computer studies . I always want to be an accountant . Just like my Dad. But it all had to happen :)
Then I started writing as a free lancer too . I love to read & discovering new things so this profession was so suitable for me . Before I started a blog , I had already been writing . I guess you remember my post .
(but making a decision for a blog , it was the best of all)
So I am still engaged in this profession ( NBD ) , it is so fun . I think I would go into Finance in future but now , I am enjoying what I have been giving . I am content about it all :)

What was your first job? Do you remember anything?

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If you haven't got your part , go & be a part of it :)
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  1. Awesome!
    Once I applied to be a seller on a store and to be a waitress, none of them called me back, luckily!
    Then I had a small job as a photographer for an event and then for a presentation of a friend's design.
    I love it, because photography and illustration is what I want to do, and what I'm studying for, so hopefully things will keep rolling this way and in the future, when I'm older I'll be able to say "I'd never worked on a job I didn't loved." or something like that <3
    congrats on doing something that you like :)

  2. wow you are lucky cause your passion is your job..not everybody gets a chance like that..well goodluck on your career! and keep it up with this blog! ;)

    im your new follower here..:)


  3. Congrats my dear and I wish you do your job well, with oozing love and passion to your liking. :)

    Keep it up!

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  4. sounds like a great way to find out what you really love doing! my first job was in a greeting card shop and I LOVED it! it was so fun, laid back, and I have always loved crafting so seeing new designs was great.


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