Let's talk tradition

Let's talk about traditions today ! I would find myself pretty lucky to have a wide sphere of traditions around me . Having a very Asian culture , full of customs & traditions . There's no single month where I would feel bore of it . The best parts are surely weddings , Eids and festive celebrations .
Why I did I say weddings are the best part? It worth it . If I sit & write about the whole background and traditions , I would need to write many posts . But here's a little from my aunt's wedding. Let the story begin!
Though wedding events start a month before but they're just folk songs gatherings . So it doesn't count as main events . Mehndi , Nikah (Wedding) & Valima (Recepetion) are the main events .
The wedding celebrations starts with Henna/Mehndi events. The bride's hand & feet are all full with henna's design . This is done by a bridesmaid or a cousin .

Aunt Sweety's hands ( the Bride)

 Guess the artist? Lol , yeah I was helping kids having the same fun :) Believe me , it was quite fun.
Mehndi is a very formal event . The family & relatives from whole families ( both groom & bride ) are together to celebrate . They bring a lot of sweets , henna , sandal wood & Ubtan . Treats & dresses for bride and for bridesmaids .

Now it comes to main event , which is Nikah ( Wedding) .
First look of bride
She always looked so beautiful .
With her Mom , Aunt ( my grandma) & nieces

When it comes to wedding traditions , the bride's family wait for groom & his family . They're welcomed by flower petals & songs .
The groom and bride sit together after Nikah , then girls' customs begin . Us girl take away groom's shoes and ask for money . And the other is one of the youngest bridesmaid hold groom's finger and ask for money to leave it . There are quite more and they're just fun :)

Waiting for Groom & family .
 I was wearing a dress designed by City centre . Jewellery by HRH collections & Ahai's . I didn't get my hairdone by a parlour because I was out of time . 
The groom & bride family/group photo 

three lovelies  { Areeba , Me & a cousin }
The last event was Reception but I didn't attend it because my school exams weren't over . The event was placed almost 200 KM away from my home town & I couldn't even imagine going there in the period of examination . But I truly wanted to go , so I just considered the pictures from there as treat :)
I hope like the whole little circle of my traditional background . I love it all !


  1. wow, such rich tradition! your aunt look stunning, as well as you and aree. say my congratulations to your aunt for me.


  2. I truly believe that Asia has the richest culture and tradition among others...Just look at that henna! It's totally gorgeous! And so are you, Aree and the bride! Congratulations to the newly wed and good luck on your exams!

    xo, Mary :)

  3. I think that the Henna is simply beautiful! I love the flower petals too, so stunning! What a great culture!

  4. Very intersting post! Thanks for sharing. All the best from Munich,


  5. Hi there! Glad to have found your blog via SITS! Your posts are really fun to read and I love your blog design! You're very talented :-) Looking forward to reading more!


  6. Beautiful! Visiting from blogging buddies!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! The brides dress is just so elaborate and beautiful .. <3

    I wish the happy couple much love and happiness.


  8. You did such a lovely job on all those little hands. =) Thanks for sharing these glimpses into your traditions!

  9. Looks like loads of fun, I love henna! I work in a city which has a lot of Asians and loads of the girls at work come in with henna on after attending weddings, I'm always so jealous!

    Corinne x

  10. Just found your blog, and I wanted to say thank you for sharing!

    I love to learn more about other cultures, but I don't always get to travel and meet people in real life. Reading blogs like yours makes me happy. :)


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