Let's talk for a while + new blog designs

I am feeling so light today . Almost feels like I am blogging after a while ( JK , you're seeing me posting everyday , right? ) . But I have been writing for #BEDM & doing a lot many blog projects ( Grab A Friend blog hop, May's group Giveaway , Meet & Greet Blog Hop ). It has all been great .

My summer vacations are taking forever to arrive . I am wanting them soooo badly . It's so tough to manage all your school work , home & other stuff . I was shocked to see when news flashed that sumemr vacations will start from 15th of June . WHAT? It's so cruel . I want them now.

I couldn't make myself through my home room party . It's an annual party given by seniors to the last years students . One kind of annual meet up . But Mom didn't allow me to go nor I really wanted to . But all the rehearsals of dramas & gatherings for party + fun . I couldn't help it but just think . Submissions had closed or else I could have thought . One of my favourite teachers is leaving school 'cause she's getting married so it could be a great farewell. Anyways , life's not fair always .

I have a great new to share with you all . I haven't been so lazy when it comes to blogging . I have done three awesome designs . And I truly can't wait to show off . That's what I have designing in NBD .
First , you may have noticed my own blog design . Doesn't it look great? It's already summer & turquoise is all summer pick :)

Second , it's Bex's design . She blogs over Futures & is truly a wonderful person . I had an amazing time working with her . She needed a simple design & what I came up , she adored it .

That's what she said : {I loved it! You were always easy to reach, very understanding and always knew what I wanted - you interpreted my ideas perfectly!xx }
Check it out live & I would love if you tell her you came from Noor's Place . I am sure Bex's gonna love it :)

Third is all for NBD . Afterall , it's my home for designs , so how could I just leave it behind all glam?

Gosh! I have been so excited regarding all of the blog fun + I am taking new designs as well . So if you need one , I am surely open for it :)

Have a great week ! 

PS : Don't forget to enter May's big group giveaway.

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  1. Great blog layout! Love the colours :)


  2. Your own blog design always looks so cute! It makes me really want to work on mine.

  3. Youre blog designs are super cute, I'm jealous! I just entered your blog hop and followed you on BlogLovin! You can find me at the-little-blossom.blogspot.com, or my BlogLovin' at http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/7778747/little-blossom

  4. Hi there! I am co-hosting this week on Friend Connect Blog Hop with ya!
    I also host a TGIF Link Party over at my place -- A Peek Into Paradise... http://apeekintomyparadise.blogspot.com/ I would love for you to link up. Opens on Fridays and stays open until Wednesday at midnight. I'm a new follower! Would love a follow back. =)
    Have a terrific week!
    Hugs, Cathy

  5. I just redesigned my blog :( wish I had come here first! I am impressed! I just linked up with you through the Friend Connect Blog Hop and would love for you to come on over to www.hopeinthehealing.com or just click on my picture, it will take you there! Sign up so we can get to know each other. Blessings!
    nannette, a.k.a. Candace Jo!


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