It's.....Food time

First of all , I would love to give a shout out about my one very lovely habit . "I Love Food" .
Ta-da , you're meeting (if you're new or old , anyways)  a foodie , food lover or whatever I could be called because of my love for food.
Typically , I love pastas , Chinese food , anything spicy , Asian cuisine , Mexican , American ETCC .
If you remember my favourite recipe of Pasta , you must have known I am a huge lover of pasta . Give me anytime + anywhere . I wouldn't mind . But I would mind if you don't share your favourite recipe of pasta with me , because I am always looking forward to find a new one ;) Though pinterest is my life (aka pasta life) saver . But I love to try new trends & tastes.
If I being honest , I ate the best taste pasta that my aunt made . It was a salad style , dinner served pasta of unknown recipe ( or she didn't share it with me*sigh ) . Garnished with pineapples & fresh vegs like carrots & peas with chicken .
Some of my favourite recipes ( From Pinterest)

I guess I have already confessed a lot about my foodie habits . It's your turn now ;)

What's your favourite dish/recipe/food habit?

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