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Being healthy just doesn't mean you're eating a lot of veggies . A normal , proper & fit diet can work out a lot healthy issue . BEDM day 5 is about health routine so I thought it would be fun to share my experiences .

I am surely a junk food lover . There's nothing else you can expect from an urban . But maintaining a diet is indeed essential . Health is wealth afterall .
My diet contains a little mix of health & taste . 
Like , I eat Puck cheese instead of simple cheese . It's tasty , healthy and doesn't cost me a health matter :)
I drink a lot of water , soft drinks & juices are my loved ones but it's always great to leave them for water.
My lunch always contain a fresh pile of veg salad . Nothing's more suitable than salads .

I have had a few health break down in past so I am now more concious about what to eat & what to leave . Healthy habits aren't built in one day or through one health experience . It's all up to you how you're doing with your health .

When it comes to fruits , I always try to get the fresh ones . Tin , packed or preserved are better to avoid , unless you're making a dessert or so . But eating fresh is better . And another thing , the seasonal fruits are awesome to take . 
My mum takes care of my health more than me . It's surely because of her that I am a little health person . Or else you'd find me 24/7 in pizza hut or Mc'Donald ;)
What are your little tips to be healthy? I would love to hear !


  1. I always drink water. Fizzy drinks are meant to be treats, because of all the sugar in them, but people drink them like they're water. I'm trying to stop eating so much chocolate myself.


  2. New follower from the lets get social Sunday;)


  3. Puck is a great substitute for cheese! It tastes great! I used to put it on everything!


  4. I love Puck cheese too! :) Well, we gotta eat healthy or else suffer when we get old :( Haha!

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  5. Never tried puck cheese, but it sounds good :)

  6. Thank you for joining our Let's Get Social Sunday party !

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