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Since I am in blogosphere , I've made a whole daily read list.

Aree With Umbrella : Areeba is my twin sister . In real life , she & I are always share our thoughts about everything . So in blogosphere , it doesn't apart much . I always learn little things from her blogging :)

Young Heart , Old Soul : A very silent , but effective blog of Wendy . I have been reading her blog for long . She's an amazing photographer & her pictures speaks louder than words :)

The Daily Frenchie : It's so fun when I read Malorie's blog . She's a nice writer & it's always fun to read her reviews on films & music.

2 Just B You :  I am a big fan of ETSY & Kim's blog is based on her life & her business on ETSY . So I always check it out .

Ergo..... : I really enjoy reading Chloe's blgo . It's about relationships , books , music & macaron <3

BEDM day 4 . It's been so fun & I am seeing a lot new and awesome people on my blog :) 
This weekend , I have postponed every meeting & plans . And I am only resting . It's been a busier than busy week . I have a lot to read & done but I am not quite ready yet . So this week is like a mile-stone in the journey of work .

I can't wait to show my new design work for Rebbeca. But I would have to wait for a few days more ;) I am sure you all are gonna love it !

Have a great weekend ,


  1. Thanks for these Noor - I haven't heard of any!

  2. :):):) You just made my day! Thank you, Noor! You're one of my very favorites, too!!! I read Chloe's blog regularly as well, she's great! Looking forward to checking out the other blogs, especially your sisters!


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