Extra long weekend

I love to have long weekends . Especially when an an extra Monday off accidentally strikes the week .
My whole day would go planning tomorrow , watching T.V (When I hardly get time to watch my favourite shows) , and ofcourse eating pasta ;)

#BEDM day 6 is about long weekends , If I could define my day in style , it would surely be in mint & jeans clothing . I love to feel free , simple but stylish when I get a whole day free .
I love hearts , sequins & glitter . With a little perk of jeans & cross body bag . It would make an ideal outfit for weekends . I have been eyeing over Keds Taylor Swift's collection & these Keds (shoes) are from her collection :)

I'd be doing :
taking a lot of tea
eating Oreos
making strawberry milkshake (yumm!!)
planning movie evening 
gardening my spring flowers
not thinking about school & stuff 

How would you be spending your off day :) ?


Thank you for reading my blog. Leave a comment & share your thoughts with me :)

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