Collecting , huh shower creams ?

If someone asks me what I collect , so I would love to surprise them in an odd way .
I love to collect shower creams / gels or whatever they can be called :)
As being honest , I truly don't have anything to get blamed . My grand father & aunt loved to collect exquisite & expensive shower creams . SO do I now . 
I have a little collection of Lux shower creams , containing Heavenly milk , glowing touch ( it has glitter #yay)
shake me up (mint ) & soft touch ( rose ).
And exquisite ones are Camay ( Sandal collection ) & Fa's natural ( White tea & Bamboo )

Hello to a little tour to my lovelies!


I love to find new addition to my collection when my favourite bath product brands launch some new products . I try to stray away but the T.V commercials have to get blame . They're spoiling us in a way .

Do you have any collection habit?
Today is a little more special . It's my loved ones birthday , my brother's turning 18 today . It's a big day for all of us + already celebrating Mothers day :)
This whole May has been so excited & I couldn't except what I have got already :) 
I am so overwhelmed by Group giveaway responses . I am feeling so excitement , just to make it live . If you haven't sign up & want to . Don't waste any moment , just go and sign up for group giveaway :)

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  1. I used to love Lux shower gels, but for some reason, you can't get them anymore in my country :)


  2. Haha, when I was younger I used to have a huge collection of different scented shower creams in the bathroom :D Still love them but I buy ones that my hubby approves too.
    But as you know I collect toys ;)
    Happy BD to your bro :)
    xo, L

  3. Shower gels are such a USEFUL thing to collect!

  4. I also collect shower creams ;))I have like 6-7 and large bottle and I just ordered 8 more :)) and I finish them so hard :))

  5. Happy birthday to your brother! I would like to try the Fa shower cream, that sounds like it would be nice.

  6. I have never tried it, but for a while I soooo wanted to collect soap bars...weird...i know :-P

  7. Wow your collection is cool haha. Happy birthday to your brother :)

    Happy Mothers' Day to everyone! Enjoy and have fun! :)
    Happy weekend!

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  8. Oh, I love shower gels .. I have quite a few too (but I hide them under the sink in the bath room :-)


  9. Hey girl! Loving your blog so far and I'm so glad I found it! can't wait to read more from you!



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