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I love to read . It is the only passion I brought along my childhood to my teenage . As a child , I didn't listen songs on full volume nor collected golden sounds collections from Britney Spears . But I have been reading books in silent room , alone or drinking tea in a big mug .
( Yeah , I have been a tea addict for sooo long )
My favourite books are so many , but the most influenced one was The Ghost by Danielle Steel . 
It was about a man whose life suddenly changed when his wife left him . It broke him down but
he learned the lesson of life from a ghost . A noble lady's ghost .

this book made me cry two times , one in the mid & secondly in the end . I loved this book , simply because it was a clear vision :)

a little sneak peak of my books

 I love mystery books too . I am a fan of Nancy Drew series & I am always looking to find the vintage collection . I have got one ( the top one in the picture) .
If I divide my reading interest , it is gonna be like : 
Noor likes Mystery , Horror , Fiction , Reality , Sci-fi ( isn't it everything? )

What are your favourite reads?


  1. i always see a nancy drew book whenever i visit the nearest thrift book store at our place.

    here's to more years of reading and enjoying evey minute of it! :))


  2. Great to see that you still have some real pictures of your books left. I got one from Google -_-

  3. I love reading series books, mostly the Harry Potter and LOTR ones hehe. :) And yeah Mitch Albom books :)

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  4. in love with Danielle Stelle!!!!!!!
    really liked, i stay here <3



  5. I love to read too! My favorite book is called "The Secret" its definitely worth reading. I found you via the "Lets get Social Sunday" bloghop :). I'm fairly new to blogging. I'm following you now via GFC and BL :). Looking forward to reading more :).

  6. I love reading too. My favorite reads are informative articles, fascinating studies, and thriller suspense novels. ♥


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