#BEDM : 5 Lines + meet my lovelies!!

I signed up for Blog Every Day in May with Elizabeth @ Rosalilium . It is a fun project for whole May . If you read this along , I am sure you're going to be my best friend ( Woot woot , let's be ;D)

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My name is Noor Unnahar Siddique .
I am 16-to-be on 16th of August .
I am a passionate blogger & designer . I love to design because I am also a computer science student .
I wish to be an accountant because my baba jaani ( dad) is an accountant & I love him a lot so I wanna be like him!
I have a twin sister , she's Areeba

Meet my lovely ladies , May's sponsors :)

Hello Noor's readers! I'm Malorie and I blog over at The Daily Frenchie
I'm a 20-something future bride (big day on 17 August!), teacher, avid reader and movie buff. I'm French and live in a small seaside town in Normandy with my fiancé Ludo and our adorable ginger cat Garfield. 
Blogging has quickly become my new favorite hobby and I love to "meet" bloggers from all over the world. The Daily Frenchie is a place where I like to write about life happenings, a various range of topics, and anything that strikes my fancy. 
I have recently opened a film club on the blog with a new theme every month and am really excited about it. Hope you come visit and say hi ;)
( She's an awesome & active blogger . I love to read her revies on music & movies )

Meet Amanda .
She's a Mom of three children & a great writer .
She also hosts Showin' Some LOVE Hump Day Blog hop :)

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  1. Awesome! I love your blog design :) . I'm so rubbish at HTML/blog design, so will keep you in mind if I ever decide my blog needs an overhaul ;) . Best of luck with the BEDM challenge xx

  2. Really really good idea! I love this post and to knows things about you!
    Timeless mode

  3. Great to read your BEDM post! My birthday is 15th Aug - obviously the best people are Leos!

  4. Hi Noor, just stopping by from the BDEM list :)

    Great first post, good luck with the rest of the challenge! I'll look forward to reading your posts! :)


  5. aww you have a twin! i wish i had one too.
    you are so cute!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. I wish to join BDEM too, but cant. So sad. Seems so fun. Anyways, I'm here visiting your blog. :)

  7. Goodluck Noori with your BDEM, I wish I could also do that.



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