A Typical Day

My typical day revolves around my school & my laptop . Every morning , I leave for school at seven & get back at almost 4 .
Today , my school time went smooth . I had a hard time with my eye wear because I think they're too heavy for my little nose . But anyways , I can see through them .
My Physics classes are the boring ones . I never got interest in science group . I have been a Computer Science's student. So in Physics class , I kept an eye on everyone. I figured out many things :

One of my class fellow just looks like John Cena (Gosh-h-h , you know I love him)
I just got a seat in mid front of the class .
Out Physics teacher is so funny .

When I got home , a good news just came up . Our air condition is finally home . Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!! 
I don't like warm weather & weather around me is getting warmer day by day . So it had been a hard time when our AC was away :D
I am resting for this weekend , it has been a busy week so far . How's your week? :)
New eye specs revealed*

#BEDM day 3 . Woah , it's my first time for a long blog project & yet I am having a successful time :)
For new readers here , I've a lot to tell :) Check :
I am sure you're gonna be a part of my blog :) I loveeeee you all!


Thank you for reading my blog. Leave a comment & share your thoughts with me :)

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