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Prom , one of the main events of high school . I am sure no one would want to look "simple" lady on that occassion .

So when it has already come to special occassion , why not try something different? Prom colours are usually red , pink or some kinda bold. And second thing , it is always hard to find new & a bit cheap prom dresses .
Jewellery & stuff , I guess choices end on that . I am a obsessed jewellery person . My choices are wide in jewelley than on clothing . In fact , you can embellish a simple dress with jewellery , but an embellished dress would need jewellery.

The best prom event I have ever seen was my friend's . She & her friend wore vintage dress in pastel colours . Though all others were in bold colours . It's always right to be different . Pastel VS bold has always been a huge issue & somehow , pastels  have the lead . Bold colours are indeed fashionista colours , but pastels are so getting "in" now .
I chose mint green colour as a prom idea . 

//Pretty Sweetheart Prom Dress// This simple dress in mint & embelishment would be a perfect fit for prom.

//Charlotte Russe platform heels // *Sigh , dream heels . Their size & look . Both are super awesome to match the dress :)

//Jade bangle //Simple yet stylish pair of bangles . Perfect choice even for a casual outfit.

// Forever 21 bead jewelry // I love this necklace . Beaded jewellery <3

My choice is mint green . How simple this colour is . Cool & fresh . I'd go for it when it comes to prom dresses. The jewellery choice for it could go silver , golden or remain mint . My favourite is gold platted or coloured mint jewellery . I wished mint could be 2013's colour . But anyways , emerald is my another love :)

I usually preffer online shopping . I heard people say online shopping would cause size trouble . But my suggestion is that you must look at size chart first . Buying a dress or heels or even shoes , you must first know the size that best fits you . Then you wouldn't have to cry over it :)

Do you remember your prom? Or have got any idea for a best prom?


  1. I love your prom picks! My senior prom was a LONG time ago and I wore this crazy handmade dress that looked like a mirror. It was so cool back then but you couldn't pay me to wear it today! I think if I were to do prom again I would do it in something unexpected, like a shorter dress.



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. I did wear a long dress! Which is why I would probably wear a short one if I ever had a second chance.



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. i'm not sure for shopping online..you never know if the cloth or shoes suit you..!!and you pay more for shipping.. :(
    anyway very nice post i love this colour!!it's very nice colour for spring and summer!!! :)

    Have a great day!! :)
    xoxo stefania

  4. gorgeous colour- I'm happy it's so 'in' right now :) my prom dress is red! so excited!

  5. I love the mint green! Prom dresses are so different now from when I was a teenager...many years ago. :) Back then, people wore dark colors. My prom dresses were black.

  6. very nice!! i like it ;)))

    Hope you'll have time also to stop on my blog HERE:)

    have a nice monday!

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  8. We don't have prom in Italy and that's really sad!

  9. I went to the prom with my girlfriends, boyfriend (with her blessing). I was a senior and he was a junior and it was a big deal to go to the senior prom if you weren't a senior. Seems so trivial now.

    The dress you selected is just lovely ~ mint green is really soft and pretty.


  10. I am not going to prom but I love this mint look!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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