Ouch , wisdom tooth!!

I was feeling little ache in the back ( very back) of my mouth . I care less about these things because there's always a "mess" in my mouth .
But it started to get severe back in the weekend & when I got to inspect in front of mirror . It appeared to be a wisdom tooth . Woot woot , I am finally becoming a wise person.
"Legally Wise".

But it HURT a lot .
I thought it is just another "tooth" process but it is aching more & more . 
When I told me Mum , she inspected it & was kinda happy . She said it was cute to her as I was looking like a little girl again to her.

When I was a kid , I heard peaople say that it is the sign of your intellegence . I watched cartoon that said if your wisdom tooth is needing a surgery , means you're going to be a duffer for the rest of your life . Geek though?


But ofcourse , it has to be . What if I am going to say , stop! Huh , it ain't gonna be . I am quite happy that it hasn't been so worse . No swelling cheeks & no severe pain yet . And I hope it would be calm.

My top workouts :
Eating icecream a lot
Drinking cold juices
Drinking tea from right side cheek ( Hard enough)
Taking all soft food like noodles or so
Check it often in mirror ( how ya doin')

Do you remember your Wisdom Tooth story?

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  1. My wisdom teeth were impacted and coming in all over the place so I had to have all 4 removed. I did feel wise, but Oooo it was painful! I hope yours come in well so you don't have to have them taken out!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I hate wisdom tooths! because it happened to me like the last image *Actually the RX showed them just like that, except it wasn't funny, kind of creepy tho* and I have all them 4 removed..My face was like a balloon D:!


  3. Oh, I definitely remember mine. I had them removed in two separate surgeries, five years apart. I wish they could have done all four at once, but the top ones were too impacted at the time the bottom ones needed to come out. Let's just say neither experience was much fun. :) I hope you feel better very soon.

  4. They really do stink, mine were really painful to remove - lots of ice cream helped!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Replies
    1. lol sorry got overly excited by your gif! i had my wisdom teeth removed in february, i was so scared but i didn't feel anything, and i was awake. after i didn't need any pain meds. its no big!

  6. I had my top two removed .. no problem. And my bottom ones never grew in .. (yeah!).


  7. Haha. what a clever post! I had 4 wisdom teeth taken out all of the same time, but I was put to sleep and I had an amazing experience...but Im glad that they are out of my life now. is Areeba next? lol. too cute.



  8. Haha aw no, that stinks you're going through it! I'm 23 and STILL don't have my wisdom teeth out yet, but some are poking through and I know just what you mean about that pain. I don't know how the hell we did it as babies. I'm definitely excited for the ice cream bit, though ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. I love your take on these hurtful events. So cool and cute reaction for you haha. Keep smiling!

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  10. Eeek! I try not to deal with my wisdom teeth. *sticks head back in sand*

  11. I hate tooth aches! Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for joining us at the Let's Get Social Sunday. Have a nice evening.

  12. hope you will feel better with time Noor ,

    Am following you with GFC , Wanna follow me back ?

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  13. Hi there!! Thanks for participating in A Lovely Blog Hop with us! Following you now! Have a beautiful day! :)
    <3 Amanda*

  14. Followed you through Bloglovin!


  15. The sad reality is wisdom tooth won’t make you any wiser but will only give you pain, and possibly ruin your teeth alignment. And correcting it often leads to surgical procedures. Good to know that wasn’t the case for you. – Vicatoria @ Chapel Hill, NC Dentistry


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