If I were a Princess

I am always itching when I get to work with Boutiques and amazing stores . When I was contacted by Persun Mall , I was excited to work .
Persun Mall is an E-commerce brand working under Persun Garments . Co , LMT. They make wedding dresses, special occasion party dresses, fashionable costumes, shoes, hats, jewelry, electronic products, household items, toys. I was choosen for Cocktail dresses 2013 .

I was amazed to see their collection of Cocktail dresses . Long dresses to short length . Shiffon and other material . That's how their website was introduced .
Top Fabrics                                      Fabulous beading work                  Elegant embroidery 
Hand ruching                                         Exquisite appliques                     Fast & Safe Delivery 

I made a theme with them . It was If I were a Princess .
The concept of a princess is not left precise . In old days , princess was the one with glass slippers and dreams of her prince charming . But now . It has stuck to luxurious life to exquisite shopping ;) Am I right?
If I were a princess , I would rather buying short & expensive dresses ( The old theme of old long maxis is GONE) .
Lavender is my favourite shade . I can imagine my self weraing ruffled dress with silver heels ( Having at least one diamond ring :D Afterall , a princess)

Ah beauty in black . I would choose this type for any Prom party or executive princess invite . I gotta tell the world my princess charm ;)

And other things I would do as Princess :
1- World tours for helping needy jewellers who's expensive jellery can't be accessed by "common" people.
2- Make a trust for finding mines where precious stones can be found ( World need them badly).
3- Start a clothing line where expensive dresses can be low as 1000$ .
(I am kidding)
It must be hard to be a princess , I know it is not always "Rainbows and butterflies" . When the kings really ruled the world , princess & prince were not only a part of royal family . They did other jobs like participating in wars and so for other social duties . It could be hard .
But it is never too late to dream ON & ON ;) Who doesn't want to live like princess? Which kind of princess you would want to be? I would be the charmest type with a lot of shopping bags & DIAMONDS!



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