Humanity is alive

Today I saw the very clear version of humanity or care for a human without knowing it . Something just flashed in front of me .
It happened as I use school van to reach the school where I am currently going to give exams . These exams are not held in my own school so the different school is whole new experience .
The examinations rule are strict . We are only allowed to enter examination hall with a pass called Admit card . It is essential .
This morning , me and Areeba were only left in van . When I was leaving van for school , I dropped my clip board that had my card in it . I didn't realize , but when I got to enter the school . The card was missing .
I screamed to van and ran after it to make it stop ANYHOW . But the driver didn't see me . The people & parents around tried to stop it but bad luck .
I almost cried . I ran into school and called my Mum . She relaxed me that she would call the van right away. In the instance , I saw my clip board in hands of a peon . He was asking who owned it . I was suprised , but anyways ran to get it . He told me an old man and his son got it for me . They saw me crying outside and chased the van for my card on a motor bike . I was stunned .
They didn't know me , neither did I . I only saw a glimpse of the man outside the gate . What if he didn't go and got it for me  . Something terrible could have happened . The timings are more than  strict and I was going to lose my paper . It ain't a little thing . These exams would determine my future . Who were they or where did they see me . They did a HUGE favour for me . Though I don't know how I am gonna thank them . How I am gonna know who they were . But I only get that humanity doesn't belong to a man or a service . It exists in us , the true soul . It may have damaged or hidden . But if there was no care for each other , this world wouldn't be revolving /

So it has been my day . The tiring days are here . Once exams are finished then I am free to explore :) One important things you must note guys , that check whether you're a no-reply blogger . If you're , go to make yourself a reply blogger . It is an important way to get in touch with your followers & friends .


  1. Awww wow that was so nice of them men to do that :-)
    How do you check if your a no reply blogger?
    Leila xx

  2. Love stories like this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cute story! I have to ask though, why did you refer to the man as a "peon"?

  4. What a story! Some great persons still exist in this world :)
    xo, Lara

  5. Oh YEAH!!! I'm so happy you got your card! Wow that really was a beautiful thing those nice men did for you!! =) Best wishes on your exams!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. Lovely story .. so glad you got your card back. It's nice to hear that there are caring people in the world.


  7. It's nice to know there are still nice and caring people around, at least times we expect it. Glad for you to have your stuff back :)

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  8. That is amazing Noor, the kindness in people never fails to make me smile :-) I love happy endings!

  9. Yes, I agree with you as everybody needs the humanity to make this world more faithful and brighter.
    However, sometimes I really ask myself why there are still those cruel persons who get everything while the kindest got nothing. This makes me really furious!!


  10. That's really nice. Glad you got your card back. :)

  11. What good luck! Im glad that people do care and do good deeds when they are able to! Muah!



  12. This is the kind of post that I enjoy reading the most. It really brings back faith in humanity and thank you so much to the old man and his son who helped you. I know how you must have felt during that mere few minutes when you thought your card was gone and you could not be admitted to the exam, so I would like to thank the two man who helped you too though I am so far away and this thing has passed for a few days because nevertheless, they really helped you in so many ways that they might not known.

    Really really touching and thank you so much for sharing this post.


  13. This is an absolutely great story! So glad that there are nice people out there. It makes you feel good. I'm glad that you got your clipboard and your card back. =0)


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